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Human Bone Articulation Professional needed

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by JillB, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. JillB

    JillB New Member

    I have just completed my will and have left my body to science and my skeleton to a Buddhist monastery. My attorney would like me to figure out how this would be carried out and approximate cost.

    I have had difficulty in figuring out how to even figure this out (which is probably why my attorney wants me to do it now).

    Is there anyone on this forum who can help?
  2. meatcutter

    meatcutter New Member

    are you for real????? ???

  3. dsaavedra

    dsaavedra New Member

    what is a Buddhist monastery going to do with you skeleton anyway?
  4. 1-800-659-SKULL
    ©Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.
    10313 South Sunnylane
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73160 USA

    They should be able to give you some prices
  5. If you was a member of this Buddhist monastery, they would take care of this for you. I would hate to arrive there by FedEx...
  6. OK, lets re-think this, you stated you left your body to science and your skeleton to the monastery. Are the scientists going to de-bone you and then ship you to the monastery ? I would have to chose one or the other, just my opinion. Its easy to say hey, lets do this. Not trying to rain on your parade but I like to keep reality close at hand. There is no mention of the keeping of remains in any of the Buddhist monastery listings, which one have you contacted to keep your remains ?
  7. JillB

    JillB New Member

    I figured I'd get a few ribs about my post. ;D

    But truly this is a real request and I will call the number one of you posted (TYVM).

    Buddhist monasteries often have skeletons for reflection on death and impermanence. This is more common in Asia than America, but not unheard of. And yes, the monastery has gratefully accepted this as a donation (however many years in the future it might be).

    Why do you say it is not possible to donate a body for science and also the skeleton? It would seem if the university knew of the full intention of the donation, that they would "save" the bones. But, like I said, I'm not particularly educated on the process. I only know that I want to have it clean and put together before it is given to the monastery.
  8. I guess its posible to find some scientists that are willing to "process you" as we may say, but they may not be of the caliber you need to make use of your donated remains. I just find it weird that you came here for advice, even though there is a connection.
  9. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If you donate your body to science, there will be little or nothing left for a monastery. Donating to science means exactly that, your body and all it's parts will be used for furthering education. No facility is going to de-bone you and ship out the bones. The skeleton is part of the donation and much can be learned from it by beginning medical students. What is left when they are done is cremated and buried. That is the agreement. You will have to choose one or the other. Donate your body to a monastery but make sure you get the ok of said institution in writing first. I have never heard of any monastery taking in the remains of someone who did not live, teach and study there. If you donate your body to science, and they do save the bones and go to the effort of articulating them, they will not be sending them away. Monasteries place bones in a vault. Normally, skulls are separated from the rest of the skeleton and stacked together. The remaining long bones are also stacked together. Assembled skeletons are not displayed hanging around to be ogled at.
  10. do you want to be macerated, beetled or slowly simmered?
  11. i say you should donate your bones to the skulls unlimited museum!
  12. JillB

    JillB New Member

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and help (and ribs). Skulls Unlimited sent me a quote. My attorney handled the details (decided to donate skeleton first, organs if useful). Someone warned me about embalming - that was great advice. The Monastery accepted the donation. All set. Just hope to have many decades before it all gets handled.

    And really, if you are not aware that people do meditations on skeletons as an object of meditation, check it out.
    http://deadlinebuddhist.typepad.com/the_deadline_buddhist/2008/09/index.html (or do a google search for skeleton meditation).

    May you all live long and prosper. Glad to have found this forum and ducking out now. Jill
  13. while you can legally donate your body to science, i don't think you can legally donate parts of yourself to charity. my father who has been a taxidermist for 38 years, had looked into the legality of me mounting him a few years ago and found out it couldn't happen legally in the US. things may have changed, but i doubt it.

    once your body is donated to science you'll be picked apart, but can't be specific about what parts they can use and how. they do save all the parts in one pile then cremate you as medical waste. they will send your ashes to whomever you choose. check with the medical facility to see what your options are. they would know the legalities involved.

    donating your body to science is the only way i've found to get out of going to your own funeral...
  14. Yeah. That was what was said.
  15. JIll Post a pic so we can see the amount of work that willhave to be done.