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Please stop patronizing the beginners

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    yep, most boozers will tell you they started their drinking in the service.
  2. zubba

    zubba New Member

    If not miliitary...then some sort of discipline schooling. You guys honestly can't tell me that the majority of our youth aren't still connected to their momma's tit when they leave for college. And I'm sure you admit you are not comfortable with the majority of our youths/young adults attitudes now days. Right?

  3. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    Kurt; kids today need a real kick in the pants yes. Military will do some good, others harm, because they are to far gone screwed up and will need a psychologist and therapy to pull out of the mess the parents created for them.
    I am sure George has seen it all where he has been.
  4. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    kids today scare me I'm very lucky my boys have common sense, respect everyone, work hard even my one son at 14 has more self discipline than most young adults these days. he has his own business with rabbits. he doesn't make much but its self supporting he covers all his own bills, expenses and keeps excellent records. I'm not hard on them I refused to let them wear baggy pants, hats sideways and talk like a ghetto king so they never had that itch..I think I have spanked each of them no more than twice in their life, and i don't think i ever spanked my 14yo yet! but they know i would, i tell them once, i remind them again if i have to the third time is their last chance before i take action. and i rarely get to the third..discipline and self control starts at home its not the kids fault its the parents. we have done foster care for years and even the worst of kids can change with the right environment. we had a young man that was a poster child for this subject, he now works full time, is very polite, respectfull and is on his way to become a first rate chef and doing everything on his own. far from running away, drugs, drinking, jail its not their fault. parents need to look deeper in their home than their own lives.
  5. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    Kind of a catch 22 because of the all the variables given in these posts but I bascially agree with George. My only counter would be that sometimes the motivational factor for a beginner is a kind word of encouragement that drives then to and does make them a better artist.
    And T, it sounds like you learned a different meaning to the word "shotgun" in the military..... ;D. Glad to see you're still making a dent in your post numbers.
  6. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Lazarine, I couldn't tell if you were blowing roses up my ass or trying to pull them out but you obviously have me confused with someone else. I probably have enough talent to be dangerous, but hardly enough to be considered a "god" unless that was a preface to some other adjective. If I come off as someone who "knows it all", then I'm sorry, but I'd never claim to be anywhere close to that.

    Now to Jim and Mr. T. The military hardly "creates" drunks or bikers or blithering idiots. The guy in the Whitehouse can attest to most of that and HE'S IN CHARGE OF THE MILITARY. The military is a microcosm of the rest of society. No better, no worse, but it does have a staid and proven discipline policy that is inflexible. It has standards that rise and fall with the whims of politicians, but whatever they are at that particular snapshot in time, they're adhered to explicitly. When you are assigned a responsibilty, that never waivers and failure to complete it is not tolerated. Like to tell me where in "your world" you find all those things.

    Now I do know a bit about PTSS or "battle fatigue" and how the human psyche can only be pushed so far before snapping, but that's not the issue. Yet in 30 years, I found the boozers to have come from families of boozers and druggies with parents who either tripped out themselves are gave the impression of being in that acid generation of "free love" and flowers. The military simply absorbed them, it never created them.
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I would dare to wager that the liberal professors "screw up" more minds than the military!
  8. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    That was the whole point. There are plenty a dumbasses to go around....and sending a kid to the Army wouldn't necessarily make him a better citizen. I respect the armed services and those who serve BUT I know just as many worthless ex-soldiers as I know solid ones.

    KIDS aren't the problem....it is society in general. I spent MANY years of my life with so called "troubled" youth who only needed someone to give them 5 minutes of attention to make them act differently. The PARENTS are the ones who should have had their asses kicked.

    OLD GOATS always sit around and talk about the "old days"....guess what...the "old days" sucked. Everybody likes to think they were smarter, better and more creative than the "new generation". You weren't. I wasn't. We were just different.

    If ANYBODY is to blame for the ILLS of TODAY I would say it is OBAMA's generation, the baby boomers.....which would include me...George and probably most of the people complaining about today's youth.
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Jim every single word of that is the gospel.
  10. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    I amen that to Jim's assessment about parenting. Yes it is the gospel for sure.
  11. Diamond D Taxidermy

    Diamond D Taxidermy I HAVE to grow old...I DON'T have to grow up!

    Fruit can only fall from the tree from which it was born....a lot of kids are lazy, stupid, smart^%&^s, but place the blame where it belongs...on the parents that bought them the computer games at an early age to be babysitters....the dads too lazy themselves to take them hunting or fishing. I have a 14 year old that helps me all summer in the shop and yes I pay him. He earns it. But he has also been hunting since he was old enough to walk with me in the fields and woods, and can catch a turtle, skin it and make his own stew. Oh yeah, he is a starter on his football team and is a member of the beta club with straight As. Kids are what parents make them...no more and no less! Sorry, saw the post about kids and had to vent too.
  12. It's called "LEVEL OF EXPECTATION" kids only respond to the level of expectation, problem is most of americans don't have a high level of expectation for their kids, and it can't be taught if its not practiced!! why do you think most of the college math professors are from india or somewhere? they obviously have a generally high level of expectation for math!! If a child is raised in a family, or culture for that matter, that always tries to figure out how to get something for free, ie. food stamps, welfare, health care etc.., thats what they're being trained to do!! Same applies with discipline, my kids would never talk to me, or anyone else, the way I see some do, simply because its not allowed and I don't mean not tolerated, I mean its not allowed period. The only grades accepted by me were A's and B's, because C's were not allowed! C is considered average, I didn't want my boys to be average, so C's got u grounded, my mother got on me all the time about being strict, but I have never had the problems she had with me!! LOL Another thing we overlook is "LOVE", you can be strict and still show love, and you don't have to be a pushover to show your kids you love em!! Respect is something earned, some kids today just don't have respect, and the parents are earning the level of respect they're getting ( good or bad)
  13. First BobCat Please Critique
  14. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    umm, looks like a lynx to me...and the base work sucks.
  15. Ahh man you crushed me!!! I thought everybody would be nice!, and just blow smoke up my %#@
  16. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Obviously a West Virginia bobcat (or lynx).
  17. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Keith, paint the base grey, make a world of difference.
  18. Thanks Bill I will give it a try, LOL!
  19. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    Then smack it a few times with a baseball bat and that should help it a lot also.
  20. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    ummm.... west virginia here, what the hell does that mean you damn yankee!?

    just kidding george , lol, looks like the first squirrel i just did two weeks ago with dry preserve, and i am not a fan of it either. lol.