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whats the worse taxidermy injury you ever saw?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by RDA, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    Personally. Once cut my finger while caping a buffalo covered in barnyard goo without gloves. Got infected and almost lost it. HD course of anitbiotics saved the day.
    Worst one was at a Taxidermy competition, where a Judge got his head stuck up his rear end and almost suffocated. Everytime someone would try and help him he'd fight us off.
  2. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    A bad one was sharpening a Knife on the ceramic rods and missed it slicing the back of My hand,fairly deep.
    But the worst was taking a chunk out of the palm of My hand on the fleshing wheel,and to add insult over injury............Ive hit the same spot in the last ten years,two more times.........Right through the gloves.......

  3. ljones

    ljones 1994 wasco award winner

    put a new blade on my fleshing machine and forgot to reajust the guards that was about 10 years ago, that scar on the palm is the results man that hurt, i now were kevlar gloves :eek:

  4. A few years ago I was stapling a deer head and hit my hand instead. I stapled two fingers together, and it took six good trys to pull it out using needle nose pliers. mother&****&^%^&*&*(*.
  5. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    After viewing the X-ray, the doctor who saw me at the urgent care asked if our horse stepped on my hand, cause I told him it was horse-related. I had my hand wrapped in the leather straps of his halter under his jaw, and we "danced" until he brought his head down as I brought my hand up ... didn't think I broke it at first, just pinched. Then when I couldn't grab the halter again, and saw the swelling and misplaced pinkie, I threw a fit cause I knew what happened![​IMG]

  6. Dan

    Dan One Year Old Already!

    I was trimming the hide off of the back of a fallow mount. The knife I was using slipped and I immediately drove it into my stomach. No one was home, so I had to call my Dad to give me a ride to the ER. It went in about 2 inches. Luckily it didnt hit anything serious. My wife had a good time taking pics of me laying in the hospital bed though. I did give the Dr. a couple business cards. We shall see if he calls me.

    Three weeks ago I was cleaning up an old skull in hot water on the grill. Of course my beagle walked right under it when it boiled over. He got burnt pretty bad and when I tried to grab him to cool him off, he grabbed me. He proceeded to put a few holes in my hands, one was bad and needed to be stiched up after the fat hanging out of it was trimmed off. Gave some more cards to the nurse this time.

    The dog is fine now.
  7. I figured it was somethking like that. I was Forty before i figured out i was getting too old to be wrestling w/ 600lb. bulls and such.Like the song says" I aint as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was".Seriously , I hope that hand heals up ok for you.
  8. CJ1

    CJ1 New Member

    Well when I was about four or five I was helping my dad with some stuff in the shop and he went to turn on the grinder and I am not to fond of the grinder and I was standing next to him am he flips it on and the tool box was open and I bolted straight into the tool box when he turned it on I didn't cry or anything but I hade a head full of blood and a nice size gash in my head and I was out of a white t shirt and boos but I'm ok not like harry potter with the scar but yeah]
  9. Craig W

    Craig W New Member

    I was drilling a hole in the back of a repro duck head one time,for the wire and went into my finger and when I went to pull my hand away,I couldnt.I had gloves on and the latex glove had wrapped around the drill bit.I had to reverse it to get the glove out of the bit and then pull it on out.
    Ive made many cuts with the scalpel.
  10. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    I cut one of my fingers on the inside with a scapel this past spring...I squeexed it to make it bleed, and something that resembled "Great Stuff" insulation came skeeting out of the wound...it was the fat pad!!! That was one sore finger for quite a while!!
  11. I shoved a knife all the way through my left palm while caping a deer. Cut through two tendons and still cannot feel those fingers. Got 5 stitches and I have a neat scar on top of my hand where the blade came out.
  12. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    I'm 53 and I'll never learn. ::) :eek: Every major and minor broken bone(s) incident in my life, except my last car wreck some thirty-two years ago, was horse related. But I still and always will love horses, so ... it goes with their territory. Thanks for the well-wishes by the way!

  13. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Can we see the scar? :)

    This one by wasatch skull from this thread? http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,135951.0.html

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  14. Randy

    Randy Huntin Chamios on Mount Cook, New Zealand

    A friend of mine was sewing and using a long large needle. As we all do he was pulling to hard to pull the stitches tight and the thread broke. The force from the very hard pulling impaled the needle right into his forehead. The guys in the shop could not pull it out of his skull. One guy had to hold his head very firmly and the other pulled on the needle with pliers and finally the needle broke free of his skull.
  15. :eek:

    it hurts just to read this thread... and yet i can't stop. :D

    seriously though, OUCH! :( :-X :'( i've had some art related injuries but nothing compares. i'm embarrassed now... i'll try harder next time. ;) lol

    ETA: and the worst i had ever heard about until this thread was someone who stepped on the tip of a porkie quill and refused to go to the dr for whatever reason... they waited it out, until it worked through the foot and came out the top. O.O
  16. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    When I was working at antlermans place last month I was screwing together a temporary base for 2 of the large lifesize mounts that we were doing and I slipped and ran the screwgun into the palm of my hand, it bled good and it seemed to freak out * and Tim, but the funny thing was that it didn't hurt at all.
  17. wildart

    wildart New Member

    i had an electric chain saw bounce and go through the top of my left hand. lucky ihad an old mash doctor from nam, he just laughed and said it was just like the old days . did a good job putting me back together too. ;D