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Eating Aoudad?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Hill Country Taxidermy, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Has anyone ever tried eating aoudad? I have for years heard that they are nasty and have never tried one myself. Or for that matter Corsican ram or blackbuck? I have heard that blackbuck is good, but everytime one comes in the shop they stink! Like a deep, rutting, musky type of funk......that sometimes lingers even after the cape is tanned. I get all the aoudad mounts on my lease but feel bad when I see everyone dump the carcasses in the pit after I cape them out.....any testimonials?
  2. jbnf

    jbnf New Member

    I have wondered the same thing. Looks like if nothing else you could make some jerky out of them or something.

  3. weaver

    weaver New Member

    the young ones are good the old males are not .blackbuck is ok about like whitetail
  4. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Grind them up and feed the dogs with it.
    When I would get a rank deer that is what I did with it.
  5. We make dry sausage out of auodad and it is great. We also make a snack stick out of sheep such as Corsicans and they are popular. All I do is give a sample to any one going sheep hunting and it ensures a good order of sausage along with the mount. Even the large auodad rams are good as dry sausage. I am going on a helicopter hunt after this deer season and will have capes and horns and sausage available for sale probably in March.
  6. i've eaten all of those and thought they were fine, pronghorn's the same way, smells like a goat, but I like pronghorn better than whitetail
  7. I've had blackbuck that was OK.....corsican and those sorts of sheep tried it in sausage once nearly lost my lunch. The more you chew aoudad the bigger it gets. Its not bad in jerky. But I'm not that hungry to eat any of the three on a regular basis. I've got a freezer full of axis and oryx
  8. Jeff Z

    Jeff Z New Member

    Ive had Aoudad Ewe before at an ROE banquet & it was good. Wouldnt want to eat a ram! Blackbuck is good. Sheep not so good.
  9. I thought Blackbuck tasted like Sheeeit.
  10. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    my man! i couldnt of said it better
  11. Richard B

    Richard B Active Member


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  12. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    Nope but they sure make a pretty mount. I've got a very nice set of horns that are in need of a nice big lifesize skin if any one has one.LOL
  13. I got an Aoudad and it was skinned and I didn't even want to try it it smelled so bad! I gave it away to someone that would eat it!!!!
  14. We have a little theory for aoudads, hogs, rams and such.......Feed a Coyote, Save a Fawn
  15. I've heard the the young baby aoudads are alright, but not even a mexican will touch a grown one!
  16. Russ of V.O.W.T

    Russ of V.O.W.T my Ken Edwards moment

    they wont eat corsican either, the rancher out in west kansas where we took the boys last spring said he has em buy ewes all the time, but he tried to GIVE them a ram one time, and they took it, but came back and told him if he EVER tried to send them another ram, they would NEVER buy a ewe from him again LOL they stink are are nasty, i dont know if i could ever be hungry enough to eat one LOL
  17. vvanhuss

    vvanhuss New Member

    My husband killed a mature aoudad buck on his lease last season. Against my advise, he had the thing processed: some sausage, some round steaks, tenderloin, and other cuts. I can smell it a mile away when he defrosts it to grill it (and he tries to be sneaky about it). I don't eat domestic sheep, much less wild sheep. No amount of seasoning improves the flavor. It is still rank. Most of it is still in the freezer a year later....
  18. Does are ok, but bucks almost always get rank... But its like Javalina some dont like it either.... Certainly will not eat a Boar hog over 100 lbs.
  19. Nathan

    Nathan Member

    I had some chicken fried aoudad steak when I was in west Texas, and it was good. The cook said that she used a meat mallet on it first. I would tend to think that it was not off an older animal.
  20. Javelina is a freakin RAT with tusks!