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You Michigan Taxidermists. Are you aware?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Doug Bridges, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. I don't know if anyone from Michigan is following the latest news in regards to the Michigan DNR and what Jenny from the hood is doing.

    She has issued an executive order to merge the DNR/NRC and the DEQ into one big department. Then SHE will be appointing a person to head the monster.

    I don't know if anyone knows about this,,,,,,or cares about this???????

    If anyone is interested, I have a ton of emails from MUCC regarding this special change from Jenny. I can post the text or email them if anyone is interested.

    MUCC is taking swift action, along with others in the MI government, to reverse this executive order by the fair maiden Jenny from the hood.

    You can PM or email me or post here.
  2. nibjones

    nibjones Join your States Taxidermy Assoc.

    Doug, I have not heard that, I would bet that Les Thomas is aware and is stating the MTA's opinion. I would forward those emails on to him or at least let him know what is going on. We definitely don't need that.

  3. Brian,
    I sent the info to Scott and Les. I dont know if Les is involved with this and mucc. this kind of thing could put environmental wacos in charge of hunting and fishing in the state. not good.
  4. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Les is working with the DNR and the MTA has a representative for the MUCC. Les can not voice the opinion of the MTA because nothing has been approved by the membership. We have to be careful that someone is not representing the MTA with "their" opinion or an assumed position of the MTA.

    I have heard about this a while back and following it somewhat.
  5. Joe,
    I am not representing anyone. I just am on their email list.

    Maybe I should have titled my post "You Michigan Sportsmen and Women. Are you aware?"

    My post was just to see if anyone in Michigan, be they MTA or not, is paying attention to the issue and to get their feedback/position on the issue. You don't have to be in the MTA to have an opinion on the issue and to provide feedback to the MUCC, which I am a member.

    It's a shame that although the MTA has seen fit to have a person spend their time on a outside group, that same person cannot act on behalf of the group that appointed them. I know, I know, the membership. In that position, all the MTA rep can do is monitor for, not act on behalf of the MTA. It's a waste of time. Just my OPINION. You know what they say about opinions?????
  6. Here is an email from MUCC for anyone that cares. This was dated Oct. 16

    Conservation Coalition:

    For those of you were were unable to join yesterday's last minute conference call to discuss strategy for working to oppose the Governor's E.O., a handful of Coalition members went over the strategy document sent out last week and provided some feedback on how Coalition members should move forward. We also provided some up-to-date information on how things are going in Lansing on the issue...

    Without going into too many details, I wanted to take the opportunity to contact you all as soon as possible this morning because of tomorrow's Senate hearings to discuss two resolutions to reject the Governor's recently-introduced E.O., which strips the NRC and Commission on Agriculture's authority to appoint each department's respective directors. In the case of the new DNRE, this severely erodes Proposal G by making the entire department accountable to the governor.

    There are two hearings tomorrow:
    (1) Joint Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs/DNR Appropriations Subcommittee at 1:00 p.m. - 110 Farnum Building, Lansing
    (2) Joint Senate Agriculture/DNR Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee at 3:00 p.m. - 110 Farnum Building, Lansing

    Both hearings are considering separate resolutions - the first will consider SCR 23 (McManus), which generically would reject the E.O. The second will consider SCR 24 (Kuipers), which will reject the E.O. based on the Commission on Agriculture's appointment power only - this resolution is silent on the NRC.

    MUCC will be providing testimony tomorrow, which will essentially mirror the "sign-on" letter we will be circulating to Coalition members today. I would strongly encourage Coalition members to attend tomorrow's 1:00 p.m. hearing to testify and show your support for rejecting the E.O., however, if you are unable to attend, MUCC would be willing to submit your written testimony or testify on behalf of Coalition members who give us permission to do so.

    We have been told by Sen. McManus's office that strong support will be critical - the political will to pass these resolutions is there, however, as discussed on yesterday's call, the greatest chance we have to preserve science-based management and keep gubernatorial politics out of the Department as much as possible is to keep pressure on House and Senate lawmakers and show them that the conservation/sporting community will not back down on this issue. We have until December 7th to convince the governor/legislature to take action and tomorrow's hearing is the first major step. We must get off on the right foot.

    This message was meant to keep you in the loop on what's developing here in Lansing and what we're hearing on the ground - today we will get you a first draft of a "sign-on" Coalition letter, but it remains to be seen whether we will be able to receive 100% consensus on that letter by tomorrow's hearing. As such, please consider acting on your organization's behalf by submitting separate concerns.

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call/email me (517-346-6462) or Amy Spray (517-346-6484/[email protected]) In the meantime, Amy and I are perfecting our message from comments received on yesterday's call....we'll get the letter out to you all for review ASAP.


    David Nyberg
    Government and Public Relations Manager
    Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    2101 Wood Street
    Lansing, MI 48912

  7. Another email from MUCC. Keep in mind these are old emails and they are moving at light speed on this issue. Things happen and change daily. This was dated Oct. 20.

    Conservation Coalition:

    Last week we sent an email asking for your preference for our next meeting (November 4, 5, 9, 10, or 11 - http://www.doodle.com/psbmd7d4qn67f389) While it is still necessary to schedule that meeting (we will keep the poll open and schedule it next week), the developments following the issuance of Governor Granholm's executive order to combine the DNR and DEQ have necessitated a more urgent meeting between the Coalition.

    Therefore, MUCC will host a conference call next Monday, Oct. 19th at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the Coalition's strategic response to the EO. More specifically, we will discuss a proposed strategy for convincing both houses of the state legislature to reject the EO on the ground that more politics do not belong in the leadership decisions of the new DNRE and the NRC shall maintain authority to appoint the department director, not the governor. We realize this is short notice and many of you may not get this message until Monday, however, the time sensitivity of this issue is crucial. For those who are not able to "call-in," please feel free to follow-up with Dave or Amy with comments/concerns/commitments on the strategy.

    What others/MUCC has already been doing:
    Many of you may have already started to mobilize your members on this issue - MUCC has as well. Likewise, the agriculture community has formed a similar strategy to work on rejecting the EO in the legislature on the ground that it also strips the Commission on Agriculture's authority to appoint the director of the Department of Agriculture. Erin McDonough sat down with Ag organizations last week to discuss our options as we move forward - many of you gave her authority to represent your respective organizations in that meeting.

    This past week, Erin and I have met with the House Speaker's office, House Minority Leader's office, and have spoken with key Senate and House legislative leaders about the prospect of passing a resolution to reject the EO. Resolutions have since been introduced and there is much common agreement with the sporting and conservation community on this issue, but it will take a significant grassroots effort to place political pressure on both legislative chambers and the governor to rescind the EO and maintain the NRC's authority to appoint the director.

    Many of you have already expressed committed support to work together on this issue and as you already know, this is a very important issue to MUCC. After all, our organization was formed more than 72 years ago after over 35 sportsmen's clubs met to strategize against a bill that would have granted the Governor of Michigan the authority to appoint the state's conservation director. Here we are again 72 years later battling the same issue to keep politics out of the management of Michigan's natural resources. This time, however, we're a member of an even larger Coalition of conservation and sporting groups. We've done it before, we can do it again...together.

    Please take the time to read the attached "proposed strategy" - this will be the focus point of our call/meeting Monday at 1:00 p.m. The purpose of the call will be to take input from Coalition members on how to perfect the strategy and then receive commitments from Coalition members to carry this message back to their memberships. If you are in the Lansing area and would prefer to join MUCC staff here at our office for the call, you're welcome to join.

    As untimely as it may be, our fearless leader Erin McDonough is on the Emerald Isle on a much-deserved vacation - however, as always, please feel free to call/email us with questions:
    Dave - 517-346-6462
    Amy - 517-346-6484
    Tony - 517-346-6483


    David Nyberg
    Government and Public Relations Manager
    Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    2101 Wood Street
    Lansing, MI 48912

  8. Here is a letter from MUCC to Jenny. This is being presented TODAY and is being presented in testimony by MUCC at the capital TODAY by MUCC.

    The email from Dave Nyberg yesterday, Oct 20:
    Conservation Coalition:

    Attached is the first draft of a Coalition sign-on letter to urge the governor to rescind E.O. 45. I'm also going to pull much of the "talking points" language from the final letter for testimony at tomorrow's joint hearings in the Senate to consider SCR 23 and SCR 24, both which would reject the E.O. At the Ag hearing, I'll also encourage inclusion of language citing the importance of retaining the NRC's appointment authority, not just the Commission on Agriculture's.

    We also threw together a fun, simple flyer for distribution - if you would like to distribute the flyer with your own logo, just let us know and we can tailor it for you.

    Please feel free to respond by (1) signing onto the letter or (2) proposing changes/deletions/additions to the letter. Also, please consider submitting testimony for tomorrow's joint hearings as discussed in my email from earlier today. MUCC will use language from this letter to serve as our main points in expressing support for resolutions to reject the E.O. - if you cannot make the hearing but are comfortable having MUCC list your organization as a supporter, please let me know also.


    David Nyberg
    Government and Public Relations Manager
    Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    2101 Wood Street
    Lansing, MI 48912

    The letter:

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    The Honorable Governor Jennifer Granholm
    P.O. Box 30013
    Lansing, MI 48909

    Dear Governor Granholm,

    The undersigned members of the Michigan sporting and conservation community would like to thank you for your leadership and initiative to combine the Departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality. Effective, transparent, science-based natural resource management is paramount to the collective conservation and recreational opportunities our organizations support for the benefit of future generations.

    In our meeting with Lt. Governor Cherry on September 22, 2009, we expressed our support for further integrating the efforts of Michigan’s resource managing agencies. We see this as an excellent opportunity to improve the management practices the departments currently employ, but also to re-energize a new, service-based department that works with the bi-partisan Natural Resources Commission to establish science-based management policies. While we appreciate your willingness to work with the Conservation Coalition in developing a strategy for the re-combination of the DNR and DEQ, we are deeply disappointed and concerned about the provision in subsection (II)(2) of Executive Order 45 of 2009, which removes the authority of the Natural Resources Commission to appoint the Department Director, and instead, allocates this appointment authority to the Governor. This is a significant shift away from the collective goals of hunters, anglers, and conservationists to remove politics from natural resource management. This power shift also severely undermines the fundamental principles Michigan citizens overwhelmingly supported under Proposal G of 1996.

    The Conservation Coalition is a collection of many diverse interests that enjoy and support hunting, fishing, trapping, and the conservation of Michigan’s natural resources. Many of the undersigned members hold additional convictions with respect to other provisions of Executive Order 45 (i.e., abolishment of the Citizen’s Committee for Michigan State Parks, Water Resources Conservation Advisory Council and gubernatorial appointment of the Department of Agriculture Director). However, we all firmly concur that transferring the NRC’s appointment authority to a politically-accountable executive will (1) Reduce Transparency, (2) Promote a top-level administration that limits public input, and (3) Place politics above science-based resource management and the goals of Proposal G.

    We believe that Executive Order 45 of 2009:

    Reduces Transparency. Shifting the appointment of the Director from the bi-partisan, citizen-represented NRC reduces the transparency, openness and accessibility of the Department. Under E.O. 45, the hiring of the Department Director will now occur within the Executive Department and Department policies and procedures will no longer need to move through the NRC. Additionally, the budget of the Department may also become less transparent as the accountability is left exclusively to the Governor instead of a citizen-based commission. Combining the DNR and DEQ should be an opportunity to create a more transparent, open, and accessible Department, not the other way around.
    Promotes a top-level administration that limits public input. The new structure of the DNRE under E.O. 45 would be similar to the structure of the current DEQ, a structure that limits public input on the Department’s policies and procedures. While select organizations and lobbyists might have an opportunity to access the administration to provide input on department policies and procedures, the general public is left out. This structure limits regular public access to key decision-makers and may weaken the responsiveness of the Department to citizens’ concerns. Citizen input should be promoted, not limited to a case-by-case basis “as required by law.”
    Places politics above science-based resource management and the goals of Proposal G. The Conservation Coalition believes in reducing the level of political decisions in the management of Michigan’s natural resources as much as possible. In 1996, nearly 70 percent of Michigan citizens supported this concept in favor of science-based management practices. Michigan citizens do not want politics and the popular vote to dictate natural resource management. Shifting the gubernatorial appointment of the Department Director from the NRC to the Governor will make the NRC and the Department’s administration entirely accountable to a political figure. This injects more partisan politics into natural resources management by removing the buffer of the bipartisan NRC. Vesting a politically-motivated public official with complete authority over the new DNRE is the exact opposite direction we should be taking to create a service-based Department.
    Environmental Science Review Board – E.O. 45 also creates an Environmental Science Review Board, which the Coalition supports as a tool to help bolster science-based management of Michigan’s natural resources. However, E.O. 45 provides that this Board will be appointed by the Director, who would be held accountable only to the Governor. The concept of this Board is to equip the NRC and Director with unbiased scientific information for the purposes of making important management decisions (i.e., CWD). When a politically-appointed Director appoints the Board, its credibility as an unbiased consultant to the DNRE is severely undermined.

    For the aforementioned reasons, the undersigned members of the Conservation Coalition respectfully ask you to rescind E.O. 45 of 2009 and reissue an E.O. to allow the Natural Resources Commission to continue to appoint the Director of the newly formed Department of Natural Resources and Environment, for the purpose of increasing transparency and reducing politics in Michigan’s natural resources management. Once again, we thank you for the opportunity to work with you and Lt. Governor Cherry on this critical process. We look forward to your response.


    Holland Fish and Game Club – Drew Deters, President
    Michigan Duck Hunters Association – Drew Deters, President
    Michigan United Conservation Clubs – Erin McDonough, Executive Director


    Lt. Governor John Cherry
    Michigan Legislature
    Members of the Natural Resources Commission
    Rebecca Humphries, Director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    Steve Chester, Director, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
    Don Koivisto, Director, Michigan Department of Agriculture
    MUCC Board of Directors
    Members of the Michigan Conservation Coalition
    Wayne Wood, President, Michigan Farm Bureau
    Jim Byrum, President, Michigan Agri-Business Association
    Rich Studley, President and CEO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
    Tim Hughes, Legislative Director, Executive Office of the Governor
    Donna Stine, Policy Advisor, Executive Office of the Governor
  9. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    I was only commenting on Brians post. If only a portion of the association has the same opinion and the other half opposes it, then you have aleinated half of your association members. Thats where it gets sticky. I appreciated your input and helping make everyone aware.
  10. Ahhhh, I got you Joe. Sorry I didn't get that.

    Interesting information for everyone.

    Being in my shop now full time, I listen to WJR AM station and get to hear a lot of what is going on with MI government. Seems like the governor is tap dancing with every move she makes these days.
  11. Dawn

    Dawn Proud Members of the Mich Taxidermist Assoc

    I got the email from MUCC this a.m. Scott hasn't had time to read it yet. I didn't get the email from you Doug - I just checked and I haven't received it and it didn't go to SPAM that I can tell. ???

    I am amazed that Jenny actually thinks that any decision she ever had was a good one.

    And the clowns in Lansing that actually believe the crap she is trying to pedal need to be removed from their positions.

    It is sad enough what this country is becoming - it is really unfortunate that Michigan has been in this hole and the people continually keeping voting in these people who just dig us deeper.

    Most Michigander's are never going to get it.

    Hopefully we can get this stopped before Jenny makes another huge mistake for the people of this state and most especially the sportsman/woman out there.
  12. Dawn,
    I sent you the emails this morning. Sorry you didn't get them. Maybe I need to verify your email address.
    It's moving so fast that the MTA rep, whoever that is, can do no more than sit by and watch. No time to consult with the mass of membership and then get back to the MUCC.
    Just like an ahssole, I have an opinion..... I think the MTA needs to allow the person they ask to work with the MUCC to represent the MTA and handle things for the MTA. That way they provide the input the MUCC desperately needs in times like these. Fast, concise and to the point. But that's just me thinking.
    If it were me, I would sign on to this effort and sign on to the letter in a heart beat.
  13. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    But what if the MTA rep has a different idea and thinks it is a good thing? That is his opinion. Thats not a good thing to have happen if 300 other members do not support his opinion, when in fact it could be that he sees it totally different than the rest of us. After serving as a union rep, union negotiator and union president, I try to look at things a little different.
  14. I agree Joe. There will always be that situation.

    No matter what you do or what decision you make, you will NEVER make 100% of ANY group happy.

    The best solution may be to not have a representative in a coalition if that representative cannot speak on behalf of the membership that they represent. In this case, MUCC needs the input, fast. It does no good to the MUCC coalition to ask them to wait for a general membership meeting and a vote for a reply from the representative. This could be the case for any organization, not just the MTA in this case.
  15. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Oh I agree. I think the MTA rep is just to attend the meetings and report back to the board and officers. Since I am not an officer or board member, I guess I really don't know anymore than what they have told us. And that is that there is someone attending the meetings.
  16. Here is some more information for you Joe, and the rest of MI too.

    Conservation Coalition:

    Yesterday's joint hearings went fairly well - there was a very diverse showing of interests, all expressing unique but common arguments why we need to reject E.O. 45. For the most part, committee members were in agreement with most arguments, with the exception of Sen. Liz Brater (D, Ann Arbor) and Sen. Ray Basham (D, Taylor). Sen. John Gleason (D, Flushing) was also somewhat between arguments for and against the gubernatorial appointment of the DNRE director, but seemed to favor retaining the Commission on Agriculture's appointment authority.

    Next step: The joint committee used this opportunity to put notice on the Governor that it intends to move forward if she does not change her E.O. In MIRS today she indicated that she is not budging. According to staff, the Senate will move the resolution next week.

    Our key target still, however, is the House - please keep the pressure on your State Representatives. State Rep. Jeff Mayes introduced House Concurrent Resolution 32 Wednesday, which is pretty much the same as SCR 23 from Sen. McManus. Both generically would reject the E.O. The House resolution has 36 cosponsors, a lot of whom are Democrats. This means there is quite a bit of support among the House Dems to reject the E.O. We have to keep the pressure on!

    Advocacy Tools:
    Press Release: Attached to this email is a press release template that you may feel free to use. If you do plan on sending out a press statement, please let me know and I can help coordinate a "staggered" schedule for releasing them. The Agriculture community has taken this approach and they are getting printing pretty much every single day, at least in the Lansing political newsletters, MIRS and Gongwer. It's important for the sporting/conservation community to keep our message out there that it's not just Ag Commission that needs to retain its authority, but the NRC also.
    Flyer: Also, on www.mucc.org, there is a downloadable flyer entitled "Don't Trash Proposal G" that you may use for distribution. We can also substitute out MUCC's logo for yours, if you just let me know.
    Video: You'll also notice on www.mucc.org that there's a video explaining the importance of this issue along with the historical context. Feel free to distribute the link for this also. I anticipate if we hold a press conference on Nov. 5th, we'll have more material for a new video including various statements of Coalition members on why we must reject the E.O.
    Facebook/Twitter: MUCC has been keeping "followers" and "fans" updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages also - if your organization uses these sites, consider keeping the "buzz" going on there as well! This is an effective, expedient way to keep advocates, reporters, and legislators informed on what we're doing. Sen. McManus has been doing the same on her sites as well.
    Thanks to Bruce Levey, Bryan Burroughs, Lori Phalen, Marc Smith, Mike Parker, and Howard Tanner for showing up and/or submitting testimony - the Coalition was aptly represented from all angles and the messaging was right on!

    Additionally, I have attached the latest draft of our sign-on letter to Governor Granholm. There have been a few good suggestions and comments, but the only major addition is a mention of how a DNRE finances oversight committee is an example of how we should be moving to increase transparency, of course, in the "transparency" bullet - thanks to Dale from UPSA.

    Please let me know if your organization would like to sign on, if you have not already!

    As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or input.

    David Nyberg
    Government and Public Relations Manager
    Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    2101 Wood Street
    Lansing, MI 48912