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bare spot on bear rug

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by ptlaw, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. ptlaw

    ptlaw New Member

    Folks, I got my rug back from taxidermist in BC, and I think its really lovely and Im excited about it EXCEPT the area, both left and right, in front of the hind legs is thiin. Its about equal on both sides. So I figured that was the way the bear was. The leather of course shows thru in those areas and detracts from the rugs appearance somewhat. Is there a way to disguise this cosmetically? I was thinking of just rubbing black shoe polish on to the skin in that area; it'll still be thin but perhaps not nearly as noticea. Would enjoy any thioughts anyone has on this or a better way of handling it. Thanks much Harry
  2. It should have been dyed with a flank dye. Depending on the color of your bear you should be able to get an acrylic paint at a craft store and useing a towel or cotton ball, LIGHTLY paint the leather. Make sure you wipe untill the paint is off the hair but has fully colored the leather.