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getting in trouble doing taxidermy

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by DFWmedic, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. have any of you ever gotten in trouble for doing anything.I was boiling a head last week in my front yard and someone called and complained that I was boiling Bambi.The Department of Animal services came to my house today and talked to my wife while I was gone and told her someone complained.She told my wife I need to read all the codes and that I am suppose to call her tomorrow.She said I need a deer tag for the deer on my wall.What if I bought them from someone onn here and they didnt come with tags.She asked if I was running a business out of my house which I am not but I wonder if you have a shop in your back yard would that count as working out of your house?Thanks
  2. taxiGA

    taxiGA New Member

    some butt hole called the police because i was skinning a deer in my back yard,he told me 2 keep on because he wasnt going to do anything about it,lol.

  3. Yes it does count. And yes you can get in trouble. Some town and county ordinances prohibit the use of home based business'. If you live in an association, they are a real joy. I am lucky, where I live I don't even have to get a business license from my county. I can do whatever I want out of my home.
  4. It really depends on where you live. In Michigan, if you take any type of compensation for taxidermy, you need a DNR permit. As far as running a 'home based business' I'm not too sure. Also, once an animal (that requires a kill tag) is either butchered or turned over to a taxidermist is properly recorded, the animal no longer needs that kill tag. But again it has to be recorded in proper fashion. Again this only applies in Michigan, check w/ your local DNR office or website, they should be of help.
  5. Df, first of all don't ever do any kind of taxidermy work in your front yard. PETA is everywhere. They are like a fart, they linger. Try talking to the neighbor that turned you in. They probably didn't know what was really going on. Sometimes you can schmooze them and tell them what is involved with taxidermy. I tell them I like making Mona Lisas' and this is how I relax. You won't convince all of them, but you just might convince the nosey neighbor. Good luck, Frank.
  6. not 100% sure who called but the lady told my wife that she didnt like seeing bambi boil..
  7. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    You do not need a tag for your deer hanging on the wall. First off, the "tag" goes with the carcass (for now, that may all change in Sept.).

    "On" your property is the same as "out of your house". Your city codes may be different than others (I'm in the county so don't have to worry with the city's b.s.), so you need to check into those. If all is good there, you still need a sales/use tax permit, if you are charging people. Come Sept., you will also need a state taxidermy permit to do taxidermy for others.

    You could give her something to really complain about, hehe, macerate those suckers, just kidding, well sorta. If you have no choice except to boil them, at least do it in the back yard or in the garage (you could macerate them in tubs with lids).
  8. Old Fart

    Old Fart New Member

    "On" your property may NOT be the same as "out of your house". It could change your tax and zoning status from residential to commercial. Both of which could be huge headaches, depending on where you live. I've been down that road and it AIN'T fun.
  9. DFWmedic, It's great how now a days you have people with nothing else better to do than to WHINE about what the neighbor's doing!!!! The real thing that bothers me is how (ANTI's) or people in general refer to deer as Bambi. It's a FREAKN' cartoon character! Anyhow I could go on and on, but if you don't want that nosy neighbor prying into your buisness a good way to clean the skull plate of a whitetail, is to use (Mule team Borax) a dry preserve. You can buy it at Walmart, rough clean the skull as best you can , put the Borax powder on the skull plate underneath also and let set for a week or so. Now take your dremel tool With either a sanding wheel or deburring bit and clean skull plate and under antler burrs. In my opinion,it's much easier and it also allows the taxidermist to keep most if not all the bark inbedded in the antlers.I'm sure your probably aware of this method, but for anyone just starting it's an easy method and your nosy neighbors wont know what your doing because its something you can do in the shop. Take care, Jared
  10. TeamRealtree

    TeamRealtree 2006 Tri-state Trifecta PA151,DEL126,MD142

    my question is why were you boiling anything in your front yard? and if your device for boiling is a grill made out of an old rusted out dryer you might want to contact Jeff Foxworthy, not the Department of Animal services. And if you bought your heads on here or ebay or whereever, i suggest you keep a reciept or a written reciept with contact info, bc yes you are responsible for proving the animals on your wall were taking legally.
  11. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    Lesson learned, do it in the back yard. It is a good idea to have a paper trail on every animal part you have in your hands. Don't buy from anybody that doesn't give you numbers. Keep you "business" quite and undercover. If you do start a business, hide it so it is none of their business. Word of mouth is how you get customers anyway. When eyes are around, you have to do things at night.
  12. I was using a propane outdoor cooker like the ones you do for fish fry's.It has a stand you sit the pot down on.Its the same one the couple of taxidermist I know use.So what do you do when you shoot a deer several years ago and the processor keeps the tag and you no longer have your old license.
  13. bbones

    bbones New Member

    You need to find out from your local game and fish what the regulations are. If you aren't a licensed Taxidermist I would strongly suggest that you get a copy of the regs. and ask questions! Lots of questions. I have found that interpertation of the game and fish laws are subject to the opinion of your local game warden as well!
  14. Rob P

    Rob P Guest

    It may not just be neighbors. I had a deputy call my neighbor who was also a deputy to tell him I was commiting a felony in my garage. I wasn't, and my neighbor was well aware of what I was doing, but if other folks can see you it can lead to trouble.
  15. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    That is something I've been asking for years (I think they should have a two-part tag, but no one cares what I think, :( ) because if you take a deer to a processor they keep the tag. You are SUPPOSE to get a Wildlife Resource Document (WRD), but most times you don't. That is being addressed and should be made clear in Sept. when they start the permitting.
    If at all possible come to the mini-seminar (Feb. 16-17), a board meeting will follow and some of this should be discussed.

    Old Fart, mine was the same, either way, still had to pay taxes on business "property", like tools, etc. even if in the house. But I am in the county outside city limits and also a different county than DFWmedic, so he really needs to see what he needs in his area.

    bbones, interpretation is exactly right. We have one law (regarding fishing) right now that I've asked several people including game wardens, and no one has a definitive answer as to what it means. It makes NO sense. (basiclly it's, you can't land a fish of illegal size. But HOW do you know the size without landing it? Unless it's really obvious, you don't.)

    DFW, call Austin and ask them to send you a "taxidermist packet". However, anything that is in it right now, may very well be changing soon.
  16. Warren

    Warren New Member

    Call your local city or county zoning office. They can explain the process if one is required for running a business out of your home. I just finished going through the process, and, yes it is a hassle, but I got the permit to operate a business from my home. As far as sales/use tax. Check with your state department of revenue. In my state service is not taxed, therefore I don't need a sales/use tax ID. At least not yet. Check with your local tax office as to whether a business license is required, if they're not the issuing authority, they can refer you to the proper department. In my case, again, I didn't need one, as I'm in the County. If I make purchases, sales, deliveries, etc. in the city I would need to obtain one. As others have noted your state department of fish and game is normally the authority on taxidermy licensing and how/what needs to be recorded, tagged, etc.
  17. TeamRealtree

    TeamRealtree 2006 Tri-state Trifecta PA151,DEL126,MD142

    there is two parts to your tag, the buttom portion you tag on the ear filled out, and the card that comes with your license that you are suppose to fill out and send in so that the state has a record of it, as well as you have your actual tag number( the top portion) of your licnse, therefore they can check their records through the state to see you filed the paper work correctly.
  18. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    In Texas, you pay sells tax on ALL of it, materials and service, so if you are getting paid then you need a sales/use tax permit.
  19. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Teamrealtree, we do not have a two part tag in Texas. We have the tag that goes on the deer (stays with carcass) and the license itself that has a log on the back.
    If someone leaves a deer head left in the freezer until the next season before they bring it to you, the chances that they still have their old license is slim at best. IF they processed it themselves, they MAY still have the tag attached to the antlers, but if they took it to a processor, the processor took the tag. Then they might have received a WRD and they might not have, but the chances that they still have it if they did, are again, slim at best.
  20. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    Man, I'm glad I live in NH. My shop is located in a high-end area of town...don't have a sales or income tax and the town just leaves me alone as long as they know I have a shotgun.Building inspector stopped once and started to give me grief ( he was new on the job ), I told him to leave and if he came back to make sure he had an ambulance and a cop with him. The ambulance was for him and the cop was for me. Never been bothered since. Been here for 36 years. True story.