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How do you whiten a mountain goat hide?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by bobcat1, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. bobcat1

    bobcat1 Active Member

    Hi guys, What would be the best way and product to use to whiten a mountain goat hide? Is there anything like peroxide or something around the house that would work?
  2. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    George has a "recipe" posted in the old forums somewhere, it's Basic White and 30 or 40 volume peroxide but I cannot remember how long to leave it on. I used it on a Texas Dahl a few years back and it worked great.

  3. DDavis

    DDavis Active Member

    like Becky said , its in old forms under bleaching mt. goat . I know you need to wet hide first , take your hand and push off excess water , put basic white and 30 or 40 vol peroxide on for 15 to 20 min. rinse off . Dont do this no more than 2 times or you will damage the hair .
  4. bobcat1

    bobcat1 Active Member

    ok, thank you both. Take care :)
  5. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Pay attention to what Dan Davis said, first of all.(Mint City Tanning out of Michigan-good fella)

    Both quick white, and 40volume peroxide, are sold at your local beauty supply store. Sally's, has a discount card, which will get you some good deals, if you do alot of bleaching! Yes, I am a card carrying member of the Sally's Beauty Supply beauty club!LMAO

    You need to have a few basic supplies on hand, before starting. Rubber gloves-YES it will burn ya! Twelve pounds of salt, 1lb of baking soda, and a large tub, that will hold at least 15 gallons, with the addition of a skin. Skin should only be SLIGHTLY damp! Your room temp, needs to be above 60degrees, as well as the temp of the peroxide creme. Preferably above 70 degrees. Bleaching DOESNT GIVE GOOD RESULTS, in colder temps! This all seems a little anal, but these are a few things I have learned over the last couple of years, on my own, after bleaching many skins. ALL SKINS, should be tanned, BEFORE bleaching!

    1. Let mixture stand 10 minutes, after mixing, and liberally apply to dark, and blood stained areas ONLY, and let stand 15 minutes, then apply the mixture, to the entire skin, including the areas you already did. I always used 2 whole 1lb tubs of quick white, and 1 whole gallon of 40vol peroxide, for a L/S Dall sheep. Half that for a cape, with a little left over. AND NO, you cant save the leftovers!After bleaching different skins for a while, you kinda get a feel for how much you are going to need, before starting. The one polar bear I bleached, took 6 tubs, and 3 gallons.
    2. Let stand for 15 more minutes, after applying to the whole skin.
    3.Rinse THROUGHLY, with a water hose.(I always lay skins out on a 4x8 sheet of plywood, on 2 saw horses.
    4.In a tub with 15 gallons of water, and 4lbs of salt, rinse again, for 15min, stirring often. Then pull and drain, for 15min.(dump this solution now)
    5.In the same tub, with 15gal of new water, add 4lbs salt, and 1lb of baking soda. Place skin in this solution, for another 15min, and stir often. Peroxide, is a WEAK acid, so yes, it needs to be neutralised. Besides neutralization, this solution also serves to remove what lefts of the bleaching odor.
    6.pull and drain, for (LOL) 15 more minutes, and dump the tub, with the 15 gal mixture.
    7.Time to condition the hair. The bleaching process is rough on the hair, and often leaves split ends. In your tub, run 9 gallons of cold water, out of the tap, and 4 gallons of HOT water, out of the tap, and 4lbs salt. We still have two gallons left, to come up with that magic number of 15?
    In two gallons of hot tap water, add one quart of conditioner, and mix well.(your conditioner either needs to be clear, or white in color). DO NOT USE A CONDITIONER WITH ADDED COLOR, like Mane and Tail.(yellow). The sides of the hair shaft, are still lifted a little, making them VERY susceptible to coloring! Add this 2 gallons, to the other 13, and stir well. Place skin in mixture, and stir often, for 10 minutes.
    8. Pull skin, spray off with a hose, and drain until desired moisture content is achieved. Either freeze, or mount.

    It looks kind of complicated, but it really isn't. The bleaching I have done, has ALWAYS been on someone Else's skins, so I made sure everything was ON THE MONEY, so I DIDNT have to pay big bucks for skin replacement! Ya ll have a good one!
  6. Nickgilliam@att.net

    [email protected] New Member

    Awesome tutorial old shaver. But why add the salt if the hide is already tanned? I'm about to follow your instructions to the step on a mnt goat.