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Economical Mounting Stand under 26.00

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by kycooner, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. kycooner

    kycooner Set'em Up Josie

    3 2x4s checked this morning 2.30 each
    1 wall mount adapter vandykes 17.99
    screws maybe a buck
    1 2 ft piece of 2x2 had it laying around like most of us do ,,for small game shoulder mounts
    anyone want any more detailed info ,e-mail me
    Ky Cooner
  2. kycooner

    kycooner Set'em Up Josie

    see if this one is any better, gonna go buy me a better camera

  3. TeamRealtree

    TeamRealtree 2006 Tri-state Trifecta PA151,DEL126,MD142

    mount hitting the floor during drying.........priceless!

    J/K i actually made my own as well welded some tubing and some plates together. I have all the adjustments and movements that the expensive ones have. mine mounts in my vise when im using it. leans in the corner of the shed when i am not. Looks nice. no need to buy a super expensive one if its just your hobby, or even if its not.
  4. hhhhmmmm

    hhhhmmmm Guest

    So where is the shop, in the kitchen or living room? Why not just nail it to the chair or table?
  5. kycooner

    kycooner Set'em Up Josie

    [email protected] you always got a smart a$$ remark ,but too big a pussy, to use a real i d,just a coward is what you are.
    But got your e-mail addy ,can you say SPAM,cause i feel like your gonna be getting some.
    Oh and the answer to your question,i skin and flesh in the building, tan in the bathroom,, mount in the kitchen and dry in the living room.
  6. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I will mount in any room my wife is willing.
  7. TeamRealtree

    TeamRealtree 2006 Tri-state Trifecta PA151,DEL126,MD142

    amen to that, ill mount whereever whenever she lets me.
  8. Todd K

    Todd K New Member

    Easy guys! There's some youngsters that get on here.