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Saftee Acid

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by broadhead, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. broadhead

    broadhead New Member

    Hey I just want to warn anyone out there using Saftee Acid they may want to Stop!! :-X I have been doing Taxidermy for over 12 years and have competed in competitions winning a couple of 1st places. So I consider myself to be at least average. With that being said I have used several different methods over the years and had good and fair success with all of them. For the first time 2 weeks ago I decided to use this "SAftee Acid". I mounted 3 heads and all three the hair slipped, slipped badly. The first I chalked up to something maybe I did wrong, although it is pretty straight forward. The second and third I watched like a hawk. I even Called McKenzie and talked with them. I watched the PH 3-4 times daily and it never rose above 1.5 on the other hides. I can tell you that I did everything to a TEE and I even used different water thinking that may have had something to do with it. I am seriously warning anyone using this Saftee Acid to stop or reconsider it. I have pictures if anyone wants to see. I am still talking with McKenzie about the problem. I also have a friend who works for McKenzie and sculpts forms and he also is a taxidermist. He has won more ribbons than I and is an excellent taxidermist. He himself told me he tried it (Saftee Acid) and had the same problems I did and the heads that did not slip when grooming them the hair was extremely loose and came out to the touch and he told me he stopped using it and told me to stop also (he works for McKenzie). I can almost guarantee that anyone using Saftee Acid will run into problems if they have not already. I have also since talked to several (2) other taxidermist here in the area and they also tried and discontinued the use. If anyone has any doubts or guestions email me and I can send pictures or further discuss in detail. My email is [email protected]
  2. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    you are full of crap - i predominatele use krowtann - whenever i softan anything it is safetee acid and lutan - no problems for years

  3. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    LOL Broadhead Your so full of it that it's sad.
    You mad the mistakes not the acid. Acid is just that an acid. No acid will cause any type slippage wether it's formic, citric, sulfuric etc. The capes you describe here were in bad shape to begin with.
    It's a good thing you didn't try stop-rot on your hides. You would bad mouth this also.
  4. huntingfool

    huntingfool Member

    I use Saftee Acid as well, and never had a problem. I did have one cape with slippage problems this year, but it wasn't the acid's fault. This cape had problems when it came to me.
  5. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    No problems here with Safetee Acid. I agree with what the others are saying. My experience has been that slippage will happen to a cape that is in poor condition, no matter what acid is used.
  6. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    "I have been doing Taxidermy for over 12 years....With that being said I have used several different methods over the years and had good and fair success with all of them"

    Why did you change? "Fair success" suggests that you've had problems before. :-\
    I've never used safety acid so I really can't support it. But I wouldn't bash it either If I'm already having problems with past methods.

    You really need to post the specifics of your methods from skinning to tannnig and let these folks find your problem steps. ;)
  7. taxidummy

    taxidummy New Member

    You do know, SAftee Acid is a pickle not a tan ? After the SAftee Acid soak it needs to be soaked in a TAN.
  8. broadhead

    broadhead New Member

    Yes Taxidummy I do know that Saftee Acid is a pickle and not a Tan! Cyclone what I mean by good success is just that good success! What I mean by fair success is also just that! For example fair success would have been when I use Dry Preserve early on and for various different mounts and experiments. And no I never really had any problems before at least in the lines of slippage and etc. I have NEVER in over 300 Plus deer had capes among other mounts turn out as bad as these did. To be honest I am not bashing anything simply put..... I'm stating the facts of the results from the 3 capes that I used Saftee Acid for a pickling solution. As far as the capes being in poor condition! The one that I did get on a form and glad to show anyone to let it be scrutinized was killed, skinned out and all the red meat removed, eyes, nose, lips, and ears turned the day it was killed and then salted the same day! The other two were absolutely in GREAT shape. Killed during bow season, and the other during rifle season and mounted the next season less than a year later and they also were killed and in the freezer less than 24hrs. I have had people bring me capes that smelled rotten and been out hanging on a pole for at least a week and other that have been treated badly, other that have been froze and refroze and NEVER, NEVER did I have the hair slip like these did. Not even the one that was Killed in early muzzle load season and was out in the elements for better than a week and smelled rotten! And Frank K. I may be full of crap but It is not because of this Saftee Acid issue. It will make the hair slip, I have talked to the man that makes the McKenzie tan and the acid, he happens to be Mr. Stout and I have a phone call with him today. I sure I am not perfect, never claimed to be and like I said I am not bashing anything simply warning people that mount animals for other people better be ware of this Saftee Acid. You have been warned that is all I can say time will tell! I have been in taxidermy a long time and by no means a GREEN HORN. I may not know everything and do not claim to but I do know the fundamentals of taxidermy very well! I made a post not to bash or offend anyone, but rather to maybe help someone or maybe even get some advice or help myself, which is what I thought forums and post were for. Not to be told I'm full of crap and so on. I wish you all the best of luck with this Saftee Acid but I'm telling you I believe luck has been on you side.

    Is there a way to post a picture? I would like someone to see exactly what I am talking about and see if they have any suggestions on what I can do for the one that is mounted and all fuzzed up.
  9. Greg Waite

    Greg Waite Active Member

    You first must open an account with www.photobucket.com (copy/paste) then upload your picture there. Then the way to post pictures is when you post, you'll see a line of squares and symbols, the second one from the left bottom row. It looks like a picture, when you click on it you will get post your link between these symbols. It will post picture. I also use Safety Acid, the only problem is when I started using it, I couldn't get it to maintain ph levels, until Ej gave me advise on it. But have been using it without any problems since, just finished a coon last night and a red fox this weekend.
  10. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Pictures aren't going to help critique your methods, they only show the end results. :-\

    What kind of vats are you using? Hard or soft water? How many capes at one time? Do you stir often? Do you use borax while skinning? Do you float your capes or weight them down with a brick? Wash or don't wash before pickling? What kind of tan?

    I used to have a lot of problems with tanning in the early days, but I found a method that worked for me and I stick to it.
  11. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    You did not talk with the maker of Saftee-Acid so your still full of crap! Bruce Rittel is the gentelman you should talk with if you had a bad experience with this product. This is how I know your lying about a product!
  12. My two cents.

    i have used saftee acid for years and never had a problem. I even had a deer that was lipping slightly before placing it in pickle tighten up and stop slipping. Now that is after i dried out rock hard as Bruce and most tanners reccomend but may not require. I question that maybe you did just have some bad capes. I mean if it was the acid or pickle then wouldn't it slip before you tanned it?? seems logical to me but what do i know. I know the McKenzie's tan is a good tan too but i prefer to dry it out then rehydrate mostly do to volume rather than necessity. I have seen the saftee acid work and work well for 5-6 years know for me and i have been doing taxidermy since 1987 so for what its worth. I also am surprised you come on here and rip a product with out talking to the inventor? Bruce is a heck of a nice guy and always helpfull.. Oh well thats my two cents
  13. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    broadhead ,
    You have got to be doing something wrong! I mean the testimony's speak for themselves. I have been using the stuff for 3 years I know with no problems what so ever. I always follow with McKenzie tan or Lu-tan which is something I haven't heard you mention. What method of tan did you use?
  14. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Same here, I have had zero problems with safety acid and if anybody would it would be me.
  15. broadhead

    broadhead New Member

    Greg thank you very much for you information. I will check it out.
  16. jrosbor

    jrosbor Member

    Any one else care to ask what type of slippage broadhead is having? Go to www.hidetanning.net and check out some of Glen's pictures. There is every type of slippage you could think of.

    I too use SAFTEE ACID most of the time. I have ran capes in SAFTEE ACID pickles that had a pH of 0.8 and kept it that pH for over a month. Still no problems with slippage I feel came from the acid. As a matter of fact, the only slippage I can blame on any one product is capes slipping while using Krotann! And that was my fault for not reading the directions. Don't get me wrong, I do have capes that slip. Even when I use STOP-ROT. But it is only because of the way the skins were handled before I got ahold of them.

    Rather than bash a product,(and that is what you are doing!) ask yourself, "Why is the acid I am using causing these capes to slip?"
  17. RobinK

    RobinK New Member

    Iv been using saftey acid for god knows how long works fine for me your boobooing somewhere get in contact with Bruce Rittle talk to him he will help ya good luck Robin Kirkland Taxidermy
  18. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Its not the acid. Safety Acid is a safer form of sulphuric. And I have talked to the maker. Ive never seen slip caused by acid. The skin itself(not the hair), will be the one to suffer, from an acid problem. Acid can curl the hair though. Pickeling below 1.5, is a waste of acid, and salt.
  19. bubba36522

    bubba36522 New Member

    Just my two cents, the only problem i have had with saftee acid is me......i tried to skip the salting process and put skin right in the acid and it caused slippage.

  20. Broadhead,

    Contact Bruce Rittel. There seems to be a whole lot of us using this product without problems. Are you using a pound of salt per gallon of H20 in your pickle? Do you salt dry your skins to 15% moisture before putting in the pickle?
    I switched from formic acid because my shop is connected to the house, and there is no smell with the saftee acid. If you run thru the basic steps of tanning, I'm pretty sure there is a flaw in some part of your method. I hope you solve your troubles, and give the product another try.