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Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by bosch, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. the monkey skull could also be a female vervet (note the lack of large canine teeth) bosch if you wouldnt mind could you tell us what some of the other canine skulls are? they look to be mostly domestic dogs but which breeds? thank you
  2. and i dont have any good pictures of my collection but i will have some over christmas, but i can tell you what my collection has in it. two raccoons(male and female) two virginia opossum(male and female) two american marten(male and female) a domestic cat, two bobcats(male and female) two common snapping turtle, red fox,grey fox,kit fox,mink,groundhog,american porcupine,grey squirrel,american badger,european badger,wolverine,fisher,striped skunk,american alligator,black bear,gray wolf,javalina,male vervet monkey,potto,2 starlings,house mouse,a fully articulated russian dwarf hamster skeleton, a mountain lion and a grandfathered in inhereted bengal tiger skull that was recovered from a mount, though its not in great shape. i think thats about it off the top of my head.

  3. Hey Bosch can you take a close up photo of the monkey skull? I agree with longnthetooth47, a female Vervet monkey is also possible.
  4. and i also have 2 otter 2 coyote and a baboon cranium. but your collection looks alot better than mine, i really like the display case.
  5. I've got a WHOLE Mess of skulls... Here are some that I've photographed before... At last count it was over 75 different skulls and 40 different species.




  6. Haha... I was a little off there, thanks. I guess the skulls are similar with a big difference in scale ;)
  7. bosch

    bosch New Member

    the domestic dogs from the left to the right are teckel, dalmatian, rottweiler, boxer, basset hound and dobermann pinscher.

    is this a better photo?

  8. bosch

    bosch New Member

    maybe a better display but I like you're collection more.
    some skulls that you have are hard to find for me and vice versa.
    that is the beauty of skull collecting. each continent has his own fauna
  9. bosch

    bosch New Member

    very nice cleaned skulls
  10. Bosch, I think the skull looks like a female Sooty Mangabey (Cercocebus atys) http://www.skullsunlimited.com/record_species.php?id=1906

    Nonetheless, impressive collection guys!
  11. No. I dug it up on the beach when I was a little kid.

    I have no idea what kind it it. ):
  12. I'd be leary of that. Sea turtles are a no-no if I remember right.
  13. Shhh. What sea turtle?
    I don't see ay sea turtles.

    Who said anything about a sea turtle!?!?

    (I was a kid when I dug it up, so I didn't know better, but It's a really cool thing to have. :x )
  14. lbedwell

    lbedwell New Member

    Nice collection
  15. Sorry about the pics - I'll take pictures of each one after I mounted them on plaques - and post.
  16. Here they are.

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  17. More

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  18. Starlight777

    Starlight777 New Member

    Nice collection I had over 50 a year and half ago.. but someone stole it and I never been able to recuperate most of my
    skulls.. it's nice to see some else have and care for their collections just as I did..
  19. bosch

    bosch New Member

    someone stole it?
  20. ...THAT is ridiculous.

    WHO would do such a terrible thing? ):

    That's not only stealing things of monetary value, but things that you worked hard to collect, and might not ever get back... That's really ... disgruntling.