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Quicky Taxidermy

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Missouri Creek Studio, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Missouri Creek Studio

    Missouri Creek Studio Black buck Walnut pedestal

    Got a phone cal last night from a (taxidermist??) said he had a lot of Deer to do and wanted someone to turn the ears/lips flesh ect and he would take it from there. Wasn't interested in doing all that "dirty" work". Probally dry preserve. Told him I wasn't interested and most tanneries required the capes to be properly prepped salted and dried with few exceptions of those that charge extra for the service.
  2. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Yep, got a couple around me like that.

  3. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    If I can help out a fellow taxidermist I'll do it. But I'm charging them for it. Money is money.
  4. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    dont see anything wrong with it. maybe he is tanning them. and maybe he wants someone to get them ready so his turn around time is faster..I have been doing prep work for weeks! money is money!
  5. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    There's a guy right here in my county who makes a darn good living doing that for Taxidermist's, he charges $30 for it to be completely turned and fleshed, There are several tanneries in Kerrville who specialize in taking GREEN HIDE'S ONLY and you get back a tanned hide prepped and ready to mount.

    If I didn't have a full time employee I would use a fleshing service. I make more money mounting and finishing, not skinning and fleshing.

    That "other" Taxidermist seems to be working smarter, not harder.
  6. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    its working well for me. I think next year I will also offer Formic acid pickle & tanning with Lutan F for strictly north American capes & possibly some small mammals.
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I know A LOT of excellent Taxidermist's, many 10-20 times better than I an who have not even turned on a fleshing machine in the last few years. They go straight into the freezer after skinning and then out the the prep service & on to the tanner.
  8. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    myself I don't mind fleshing and salting. running a machine all day isn't my favorite thing to do but it goes quickly. I like to know whats going on with my skins. I trust tanneries but I'm still nervous till I get them back in good shape! control freak when it comes to that I guess..
  9. Diamond D Taxidermy

    Diamond D Taxidermy I HAVE to grow old...I DON'T have to grow up!

    I had a buddy who had some bad health problems and I offered to do his for him (pro bono) and he did the mounting..I feel sure he would do the same for me if the table was turned...most of us work together..a few a$$e$ who open for a year or two and go under try to screw us over with prices and the deal like happened with my cards, etc..but those are few and far between here and they tend to not last long
  10. zubba

    zubba Active Member

    I agree...I seen nothing wrong with it either. What takes me 2 hours takes another guy 45 minutes. Saves me money, makes him money....everyone is happy. I also agree about a control freak...that is why I would try contacting a local/smaller guy than the big companies for my tanning. But everyone is different...and a damn good thing or else this world would be boring.
  11. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    I am primarily a bird guy, but do get an occasional deer or two to do. It would take me forever to flesh out a cape, I know how to do it, but it's not practical from a time perspective. I use a full service tannery that offers the fleshing service. Much more economical for me to sub it out.
  12. bw

    bw New Member

    Turning the faces on deer for other taxi's is what got me through the pinch when I started my own business. Prepping turkey skins was a big help too. Both really helped fill the void when I was trying to build a clientele. Not that I have a lot of free time, but I still paint a few turkey heads for people too. It's a nice little bit of extra spending cash.
  13. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I wish I could find someone to skin and flesh my puddle ducks for me :D
  14. Hoosiertaxman

    Hoosiertaxman Papa's Pride & Joy

    skin your puddle duck?....ask your wife :D
  15. dbl.thraot_patch

    dbl.thraot_patch New Member

    The tannery that does the tanning for me gets most of his buisness from green hides. The extra $35 he charges to split and turn is well worth it to me. I skin off the head and freeze. When I get it back it's ready to mount. He makes good money doing it. I'm loosing money by doing it. works out great for both of us.
  16. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Be nice LMAO!
  17. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    If I get to the point that I send out my tanning. I'm just send them out green. And have it all done.
  18. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    That's the only smart thing i've ever heard you say :) LMAO!! (just kidding ;) )