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The Week in Fish Pictures" ~Year 4~ Week # 6-7

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I hope he likes it ....

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  2. Jimmy Lawrence

    Jimmy Lawrence Well-Known Member


    That is a much better fish than you usually post. That fish right there is very well done!!! Very nice tipping, and very pleasing overall look. I like it quite a bit. Ive watched you post fish for quite some time now, and you get better and better each time.

    Well done sir!!!!

    Jimmy Lawrence

  3. jemmick

    jemmick Active Member

    I gotta agree w/ Jimmy on this one, by far your best.I know you had a great blank to work with. Great looking fish Don!!!
  4. AnglingArtisan

    AnglingArtisan Well-Known Member

    Excellent work Don ;D
    Your son in law should love that gift!
    Way 2 Go!
  5. Bill4bass

    Bill4bass New Member

    Don, That is a great looking fish!!! Super job and so clean looking!!!
  6. Jemmick, Rich B. & Bill4bass,
    Thank you for the encouraging commets ! It is really nice to recieve the positive feedback from others in the business, such as each of you !
    Rich's blank had good flow to it, with an appealing "S" Curve, which gave a good canvas to work with.

    Thank you Sir !
    Basically I am taking more time with each fish I do, paying close attention to Reference pictures, and trying to practice all of the techniques learned over the past 10 years...still a work in progress.
    Thank you Jimmy !

    HOLMES Active Member

    Good looking fish there Don. If your son in law dont like it you should hit him in the mouth. One of your best Ive seen.
  8. Striper Sniper

    Striper Sniper New Member


    first smallmouth finally finished
  9. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    nice smallmouth, how big was he?
  10. Dondi, best fish y ou have done. if the SIL dont want it send it to me.
  11. Holmes & John C,
    Thank you for the compliments ! My son in law fishes with me a lot. He caught a nice Steelhead, 31" in Oct. ...He should be very happy with it...He better, I put a fair amount of time into it...LOL !!
  12. warthog

    warthog Member of VVA and VFW

    If he doesn't like it you can send it to me...that is great looking steelhead.
  13. Timjo

    Timjo Active Member

    Nice white crappie Jknuth.
    I never could catch a fish on this crank bait so I made some use out of it.
    Bull swiping a crank.
  14. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Excellent work Josh and Don, great Steelie. Timjo, you really smoked that Crappie/Bullgill display.....NICE!
  15. Timjo nice job on the Crappie and Gill. I don't see many gill mounts look good and you did it with that one.
  16. Timjo

    I LOVE that Pectoral fin on that gill. Nice action, its subtle but adds a ton of life.
    Nice fish!
  17. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    Timjo that piece has it all, I guess that says it all, great fish, grreat presentation.
  18. this was the fish's actual color. Fun to paint.

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  19. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    Doug A, that is a cool color for a catfish, nice job on painting it

    and Timjo, that crappie/bluegill display is great
  20. Warthog & Brian W,
    Thank you for the kind words...I have that Steelhead mount on MY wall now. Someday, I will have to do one like that for me..!