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another scam

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by wildart, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. wildart

    wildart New Member

    one of our local taxis (joe ;) recieved a phone call from someone requesting his e-mail address for an individual recovering from ear surgery (so he couldnt talk on the phone). this guy had 2 bears to mount, and was sending them to a shipping company that did not accept credit cards( ::) . he was going to give joe his credit card number, joe would send $2200. to the shipping company to pay for shipping and handling and keep$1000. as a deposit on the bears. joe wanted to know if i thought it was a scam( ;D). i told him not to open the e-mail, but it was too late. also told him it was the quickest way i know to lose $2200. and to run the other way, even if there was a remote chance to mount two $4000. bears. this guys e-mail and name was deo harrison at <[email protected]>. there's lots of bad guys out there, especially this time of the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.
  2. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    Do y'all know where Mr. Harrison is from?

  3. wildart

    wildart New Member

    no address was given. the e-mail was from a NetZero message center, with no city listed. i guess some one thats computer literate(not me) could chase this down, but until he gets to you, there's nothing that can be done. bob
  4. Its a scam that started in Texas two years ago. They have stolen credit cards, and use the computer saying they are hearing impaired, so the operattpr does all the conversing fro them. They have fake credit cards, and if you try and run them, you will get a call from the real card holder sooner or later asking ewhy you are using his credit card. It happened to me two years ago. Report them to the FBI
  5. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Somebody just posted that scam last week on here.
  6. from Bozeman Montana, this week.
  7. tbeam

    tbeam New Member

    Yes it is My father was selling a few items and they used the name TTY said they work with the blind and deaf..they agreed to buy the items and said they would send a check...called a day later and said they messed up and sent a check for more than the amount and to cash it and wire the extra money back to them before shipping..he didnt fall for it..they get you to cash a bogus check and you send the money to them before your bank finds out..they walk away with free money....you have to pay the bank back...they kept calling till he told them that he gave the check and info to the FBI...if it sounds to good to be true than its usually a scam...
  8. If you cash a big check and dont wait for it to clear the writers bank, then you deserved what you get.
  9. Someone tried to pull this same type of scam on us last year. We had posted a new (in the box) dining table and chairs for sale on craigslist. At first I didn't think anything about shipping the item once I got the check, but then when I got the check it was more than agreed on and was sent an email saying to send the remaining amount in the form of a money order to his buddy for money he owed him. I turned it over to my bank and they contacted the athorities. Sad how people stoop to this level.