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Pheasant Body Forms

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Raspy, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Raspy

    Raspy New Member

    I have just skinned out my first two Ringneck Pheasants. I am a newbie and have beens studying on this site, reading Breakthrough manuals, watching videos etc for the last year. Anyways, the skinning and fleshing of both cock birds went very well (had some trouble with wattles). After skinning I measured the carcass of both birds so I could order my forms and have come up with some small measurements some how. They are willd shot Kansas birds seem mature with long spurs. The measurements are #1 - 6"x11" and #2 - 5"x11" I have found one form that may work for #1 at Vandykes but not to impressed with Vandykes forms except for Danny Ownens. For #2 most forms are much bigger. I have checked Mckenzie and WASCO as well. Anbody have any advice? Maybe I should just wrap my own? Never done that but not opposed to try.

    Also I am using artificial heads and had some trouble with skining the head from the beak. lost a few of those small feathers in the nasal area. It was hard to start the seperation of the skin at the beak. Any tips for that method? It was not as easy as a duck! Thanks for all your help with this, I can not live without this forum and enjoy looking at everyones boids. I will have to post some pictures when I get them mounted up.
  2. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    wrap or just carve down a larger form----easy... and on your next pheasant go with the real heads with an inch and a half incision on the back of the head....This will make claying of the wattles an easy task as well.....Some birds lend themselves well to artificials,, such as most waterfowl...upland is much more complex thinner skinned and more delicate plumage which complicates the use of artificials imo.... You can carve your own skull and still keep the real bill etc by cutting it off from the inside as well.....

  3. i use the "van dyke's" mannikins all the time on the pheasant they work well, but just went up a dollar in price so i may start wrapping more than i use to.the thigh are needs to be carved out a bit for most standing mounts. and a few other areas but nothing you wouldn't have to do on danny owens as well, used his also.
  4. Raspy

    Raspy New Member

    Thanks for your help guys. I will take those tips into considereation. RDA I will try the real head on my next pheasant. I was just trying to save some time on the fleshing cleaning of the skull by using an artificial since i am still slow at those steps