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Too controversial?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Mink, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Mink

    Mink New Member

    For quite a while I've had this idea for a mount, and decided to finally implement it in this competition peice. It depicts a bobcat in the moment just before it steps into a trap. I personally like it, but when the rest of my family saw it this morning, I didn't get very positive reactions on it--my sister thought it was "sad" and my mom thought it was "nasty".

    So my question is, would this be too controversial at a competition? I am hoping not, since this will be one of my more unique habitats when finished. The trap was donated to me by Marc Romine, who sells lots of nice pelts on here, and I also got the bobcat's skin from him. I'd love to be able to use them both in the same display, but if it is going to disturb as many people as it did this morning, even unfinished as it is, I'm wondering if I should rethink it?

    Here is the picture of the unfinished piece. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

  2. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Did you tell her she should have seen it when It was actually killed? ::)
    I don't have a problem with it. Some do. That was probably how it looked a few hours before it got dispatched, and it is true to what happened. Some don't see it that way though. They want it all cute and cuddly instead.

  3. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    I don't know what competition you are refering to, but most have a rule which states (sic) "no mounts which depict man inflicting pain on an animal or mounts in bad taste". What do YOU think?
  4. Mink

    Mink New Member

    It will be for my state competition. I don't personally think it is in bad taste, especially since the cat is not technically "caught" yet...his foot is just hovering over the trap, as if he's about to step into it. I thought about putting the trap between his legs like he stepped over and missed it, but that has been done before, on other mounts I've seen. I wanted to make it more unique, and also tell the cat's story a bit. I've done a lot of "cute" things for competitions, so I thought this one would be a little more realistic.
  5. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Agree Randy. When you imply man's interdiction into a diorama, you're always asking for negativism from some quarter. Ask Dennis Harris about a baboon staring at a human skull in the SCI magazine. All of us would like to disregard the bleeding hearts and animal rights people, yet ALL OF US have some "humane" sense of consciousness. It's just easier to avoid these type mounts than try to explain and justify. Same principle when it comes down to it as a deer trying to pull an arrow from it's neck. Think of something else.
  6. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    I hope they don't allow a hook in a fishes mouth. There's no difference in a hook for a fish or a trap for a cat.
  7. Silverwolf5792

    Silverwolf5792 Sierra, my quarter horse :)

    Just wondering though, wouldn't the trap not be visible before the animal steps in it? They are usually carefully hidden and buried with a thin layer of soil or something so that the animal doesn't see them until after it snaps on them. Maybe re-create a dirt hole set or something? Just a thought...
  8. cheapguy

    cheapguy New Member

    Not my cup of tea.
    Plus I have never set a trap where it is plainly visible to where you would see it in the mount.
    Traps are burried and hidden not just laying on top of the ground.
    Just my thoughts.
  9. cheapguy

    cheapguy New Member

    Emily, you apparently type faster than me ;D
  10. Mink

    Mink New Member

    The trap will be better hidden when I complete the habitat. I have some large leaves to put over it and I'll put "dirt" around it too. It will be much less obvious than it is now, I should have mentioned that earlier. Right now it is just sitting on the plywood, unattached to anything.
  11. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    Don't do it for a competition.
  12. outhawkn

    outhawkn Member

    I think its a great idea....but one that should stay in your head only.I think its great fuel for the anti's. The picture will travel the internet and will end up hurting the trapping industry. JMO
  13. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    Listen to Rick...I'd do the narrow miss thing....he didn't get caught, doesn't look like he's gonna get caught and got by with a narrow escape....and you can still implement the trap....JMHO though.
  14. jbb

    jbb New Member

    I don't know much about competing but I think if you can buy a trapping license, hunting license, you should be able to mount an animal what ever way you wish. If you don't like it , don't look at it. Guess what... it happens in real life. If I want to mount a deer with an arrow out of his side, I did it because that is how I remembered him running away through the woods. JMO
  15. Silverwolf5792

    Silverwolf5792 Sierra, my quarter horse :)

    We must have been thinking the same thing at the same time =)

    Maybe try something like this, it would still be the moment before the cat gets caught, but it would look more realistic because it would be set up to look like something a skilled trapper set up. These are dirthole sets, the trap is buried in front of a hole filled with a scent attraction.
    Its still a cat walking into a trap, but only someone who knows about trapping/hunting would know so anyone who would get upset about it could interpret it however they want. For all a non-hunter/trapper knows, he's digging up a gopher :) , while a trapper would look at it and see the success of a well-done set. so its like a win- win
    That's just my thoughts, good luck however you end up mounting it :)
  16. grumpa

    grumpa Member

    My thought would be hanging over a limb in a snare. That would get some folks talking.
  17. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member


    So my question is, would this be too controversial at a competition?

    Some have missed the point of your question. The question is not about what each of us believe to be in good taste, or an acceptable form of artistic expression ( I personally loved Dennis' baboon/skull mount), but rather what is controversial at competition. It would not be contoversial at all. Chances are, it would not even be judged.If it's for you or a customer, only YOU can decide what you can accept or not. If you don't believe it, my advice is to go ahead and try. When your mount is turned away by whatever association the comp is at, then you can advise the next guy who asks this question thru first hand experience. Redwolf brings up a valid point, however. We've all seen fishhooks at comp. Why the dissparity? Who knows.
  18. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Pieces with footholds have won at comps.
  19. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    I don't know a whole lot about competition and whatnot yet because I'm still new to the whole thing. But I remember seeing competition mounts before with traps incorporated into the habitat...not quite like this, they more so just laying on the ground, and I have also seen mounts like what Redwolf mentioned-a fish with a hook in the mouth. So is it okay to have a trap in the habitat as long as the animal isn't really interacting with it, like this?

    Regardless, I think it would make an interesting and realistic piece in the sense of "mounting it just like it had happened". Even if you don't end up taking it to show, I think it would make a good addition to a show room or portfolio.
  20. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    The mount you have planned there is a lot less graphic than this one.

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