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wheres the "whos logged on" list?

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by MattHCT, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    I use my blackerry most of the time when I'm using Taxi.net. The only way I was able to initiate a PM was to go to the home page and search the "who's logged on" list. But now that list is gone. Where can I find a members list so I can PM from my mobile? I'm not able to click on a members name from a post to initiate a PM. Thanks
  2. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know why you can't see the list on your Blackberry, but it is still there on the home page.

    For a searchable list of all registered members, go here: http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php?action=mlist

    To search for a specific member, go here: http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php?action=mlist;sa=search

  3. Matt I too use my blackberry most of the time. Are you able to use the search button another question can you see the pics that are posted?
  4. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    No I not able to see any pics or use the search button. When I use the search button it says error? Thanks.
  5. Yea me too I guess it a small disadvantage to the blackberry. It sure is nice to be able to get on anytime though
  6. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    Yes it is. The dang buttons are so small I keep misspelling when trying to type fast. Big fingers and small keys. :)