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Tanning Squirrel/Fox/Rabbit

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Bullshop Junior, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. What is the best way to tan the animals listed above? We get some that are messed up, and ripped, so they are no good for mounts, so my mom wants to start making them into stuff, and selling them.

    We can get stuff to make our own solution, and would prefer to do so, but commercial stuff will work.

  2. buckhunting101

    buckhunting101 Hides N Stuff Taxidermy

    Krowtann is a easy to use and some what cheap way to tan hides

  3. Ok - We ordered some of that. We want to use the hides for things like hats and what not, so did not know if that was the best choce.

  4. buckhunting101

    buckhunting101 Hides N Stuff Taxidermy

    Im not familiar with Lutan F but that might be better than krowtann if your using hides for hats and things like that.
  5. Do you know why?
    Just wondering.
  6. Krotwan drys very stiff... good for taxidermy but not for soft pliable hide. Lutan dries nice and soft with the help of a little oil. Lutan is also good for the price and does not smell like chicken poop LOL
  7. Ok, Thanks!
  8. I have a fox down stairs right now that I am doing a battry acid solution on. I will see how it turns out. My brother did a coyote that way and it turned out nice, but he used to much acid to water. I used half the acid he did. Waiting to see how it is going to turn out.
  9. muscle20

    muscle20 New Member

    Order a Lutan tanning kit, I recommend this for any fur bearers, or a tan that uses a pickle prior to the tan, then practice with it on some test skins. The tanning agent is just that, finishing skins to a workable soft supple condition is a big part of fur dressing, you will have to practice!
  10. Jome

    Jome New Member

    For small game I always just mixed borax and water together and made a paste that works for me well.
  11. navajo

    navajo New Member

    i tan all my furs with lutan f it is good stuff. nice soft white tan. you might want to get a tumbler or make one for the best results.
  12. I ruined the cross fox with Battery acid so I won't try that agian.
  13. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Battery acid is not a good choice.

    That's not a tan..