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coyote habitat ???

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by Badboy 28, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    hey again folks lotsa questions :D

    got my full body coyote back just the way i wanted it ( i know some may not agree with the pose)
    but due to some poeple being allergic to things being used in the habitat and me not knowing what i wanted the taxi left the base for me to dress up !
    was wondering if anyone had any suggestions ?
    i was thinking some kinda of green and brown grasses and something to put on to cover the wood to look like dirt
    and also what if any do you use for fake blood ?
    thanks for any sugestions
    pic of the mount below

  2. a7d1

    a7d1 New Member

    I don't think you made a wise choice on the pose, actually the pose is okay the arrow should go. The base could be virtually anything. I've seen lots of yotes in open fields so maybe grasses would work. A forest bottom would be neat too. Peat moss sifted very dry over elmers glue spread on plywood with maybe some pine cones a hemlock sprig or something of the like. A few rocks or log type structures. I think you'll do fine with it.

  3. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    i want it very similiar to the way it was when i shot it and like the arrow in !
    that was exactly where the arrow hit to so trying to recreate the scene ;)
    i dont mind if anyone else likes it , i do it for me not them but so far everyone loves and something new !
  4. a7d1

    a7d1 New Member

    I certainly understand what you are saying, last year I shot a doe with a bow and at the last minute she moved and the arrow went directly into her nostril and out the back of her neck. It was a shot I would never expect to duplicate and all those I hunt with thought I should have mounted it the way it was shot , arrow and all. After much discussion and thought I decided not to mount it at all. Instead a skull display was planned until my dogs ate the skull. I was afraid that those that didn't understand the hunting thing or the squeamish in my life would take great offense to it and would stop visiting. I have two daughters and I know for a fact that thier friends would have PETA at my door in a heart beat. I do try to mount my animals in the pose they were in just prior to being shot. Has the same effect for me. The more important thing I found was that if I wanted positive feedback and involvment /encouragement from my family and friends concerning my hunting then somewhere along the way I need to be conscious of the outward appearences and the others feelings. Don't get me wrong, I do like your mount but it would have to be kept at the hunting cabin where only certain people would view it. Good luck with the base.
  5. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    i agree thats why i didnt go the extra mile and put a bunch of blood
    plus its in my house and anyone that comes into my place has got to be hunter friendly with all the mounts ;)
  6. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    there is lots of discussion on ethics here, but it's yours and if you're happy with it then the taxidermist did his/her job. I personally like the deer mounts with an arrow and the deer trying to pull it out, but many don't...
    anyways, I just did a full mount coyote and had no clue how to do a base. This is a great tutorial that helped me; simple, affordable and fun! Great results too! I used mulch on mine.

  7. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    thanks ;)
  8. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    I think you should have blood going everywhere. I mean freaking spraying! Maybe even add some lung chunks on the broadhead, and even give that sucker a bloody nose. You can add some aritificial leaves and stuff, but if you put enough blood on them it won't really matter.
  9. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    what would you use for fake blood :D
    i m not allergic but he stopped becuase he did a habitat and a guys wife got sick so he just stopped (to cover his own a$$)
    i have no problem doing it and like mikes method so far
    but if i was to put grass how do i get it to stnad up ? drill holes ?
  10. I put it in high grass drill holes for larger branches and gorilla glue them in... craft supply stores... fish stores, Vandykes, Micheals ,ace Moore, hobby shops have grasses... Definitely different. Not my cup of tea, but I drink coffee.... Good Luck!