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Recommended Antler Forms for Panel/Plaque Mounts...?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by northwoods, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    One of my winter projects this year is to go through 28 years of whitetail racks our hunting camp has harvested and "plaque mount" the better ones... about 15-18 total.

    I have never completed a plaque mount but have done some other basic taxidermy work over the years.

    I ordered the small, medium, and large deer antler form from McKenzie and the one size deer oval and one size deer shield forms from Van Dykes. I wanted to see and evaluate each of them so I could select just one to use on all the racks to make them all consistent. Unfortunately, I don't really like any of them. The McKenzie forms are all too small... the large size might work but I like a more tear drop shape rather than the circular shape. The Van Dykes forms are nicely shaped but seem overly large and tend to take away from the rack size.

    I assume that a "form" could be built up by hand with mache but I don't know how to do that process. Is a mold used? What is used for the wood backing and how does it get incorporated, types of materials I would need, process...?

    Also, I thought that maybe I could make a mold and use it to make my own forms but again I have no idea on where to start, what I would need, or the process to take...?

    Does anybody have any advice or recommendations on what my best options would be?

  2. j miller

    j miller New Member

    I use the ones from Research Mannikins. I used to do it by hand with mache but that was very time consuming. This is a lot easier. Jason

  3. dipper

    dipper New Member

    If you're going to be doing that many, and money is an option, I wouldn't but those kits. Get your lumber, whatever type of wood you want. Make your plaques, screw the skull plate down. Sculpt your Mache, or whatever you want to use. I used to used drywall mortar, when I was a kid. Go to the fabric store, and get your fabric. Glue your fabric on. If your fabric isn't cut perfectly, get whatever rope you want, and use it around the edges.

    It's gonna take a little skill. I haven't done a antler plaque in 15 years. Almost everyone in my area, does those on their own. Good luck
  4. j miller

    j miller New Member

    Northwoods, I agree with dipper with buying the fabric and making your own panels, it takes some time but it is less expensive. You can also use different types of wood. Most of my customers like the look of knotty pine. I can get two or three out of a 4' board. Jason
  5. can use plaster of pairs and cover over after atach it to the board and also if you want use the two part foam over the peice of board then sand and cut with knife to shape buy the felt ant walmart 37 cents for a peice allready cut to right size in craft department they also have the cord cheap .
  6. chongo

    chongo Member

    Elmers Wood Filler works well. Easier to mold and less messy IMO. You can find cheap precut wood at Hobby Lobby type places.
  7. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    Thanks for all the advice guys! Does anybody know if there are ay photos of the process or videos posted on the web anywhere? Using and building your own form?
  8. it not hard cut your wood pour your foam carve form ,mount antlers and put bondo plaster pairs papermache over skull plate sand to shape .put felt over staple to wood an mount to your plaque
  9. Go to Walnut Creek Hardwood's website and look. They have solid oak or walnut panels and every thing else you will need. Give them a call and they will steer you in the right direction.
  10. Ronald Carter Taxidermy Supply 1-888-335-4554 has some decent plaques for between $4.00 and 8.00 each. Can hardly take the time to make them for that.
  11. Critter

    Critter New Member

    Here is a recent one I just did. real easy and cheap!!
  12. Boxie

    Boxie New Member

    Not sure what quality you are seeking but here is what I use. Form and plaque from McKenzie and the buckshin from Jonas. I add a half inch strip of leather on the bottom to finish. Just don't get the center too big or it will take away from the horns fast! Hope this helps.

  13. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    Critter, that's a pretty cool idea... never heard of anything like it... turned out great!
    Boxie, you mentioned you get your buckskin from Jonas... what is or where is Jonas?

    Any other examples of finished antler panel mounts would be great!!!

  14. DustinL24

    DustinL24 New Member

    I found a real quick way to do my antler mounts. Just place a small piece of plywood behind the skull cap and screw it in place. Then get yourself a can of spray foam, like the gaps and cracks kind from like a hardware store. screw your cap to a bench in the angle you want them to be set on your plaque. spray the cap with your spray foam in the rough shape you desire. Once dry it shapes very easily and glue adheres to it very well.
  15. northwoods

    northwoods Member

    What are some good mail order websites that sell nice quality buck skin in multi-color choices to use to wrap the form? Thanks!