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Another " he cut the head off " thread. What a shame!!!!!! 18 pt (pics)

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by trapper jeff, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Critter

    Critter New Member

    Man thats a nice buck :eek: and your right, what was he thinking ???
  2. There must have been something in the water this year. I took in several that was cut short. One exactly like that. A young mans first deer that grandpa cut off for a shoulder mount?! It was 150 class 10 point. :(
    Had to replace cape. Lucky for him, a friend donated his cape! :)Turned out good. Happy customer. ;D

  3. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I love the holes here who assume it was poached or comment on no tag........75% of the deer in my shop have no tag "bw"....any guess why (don't help him people :) )
  4. Michael,
    I dont know the regulations in Texas, but Kentucky does'nt allow an animal to be untaged unless it is in the hunters possesion.

    If an animal leaves the possession of the person who harvested it, that hunter must first make and attach a carcass tag to the animal that clearly includes the following information:

    1. Name of the person who took the animal(s).

    2. Phone number of the person who took the animal(s); and

    3. Telecheck confirmation number for each animal.

    Tag before you leave

    Carcass tags must be placed on the animal before the hunter gives it to, or leaves it with someone else, or leaves a deer, for example, hanging unattended in a deer camp or elsewhere. Hunters must also telecheck the animal first, and write the confirmation number on the carcass tag as proof of doing so. The easiest item to use as a carcass tag is an index card. The carcass tag must remain attached until processing begins or the hunter returns to take possession of the carcass.
  5. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    Well some states have no tags.......like here in NC.
  6. bw

    bw New Member

    Who's the "hole" michael?

    It's Illinois State Law that the head must have the HEAD TAG affixed to the head when taken to the taxidermist. It's against the law for us, as taxidermists, to posess that head in our shop without the HEAD TAG affixed to the antlers. It appears that the taxidermist that posted this picture is from IL based on his avatar. While that avatar doesn't provide conclusive proof that he is in fact from IL. Thus I didn't act like a real "hole" and tell him that he was in violation of our states taxidermy laws.

    The fact is....I have seen many deer over the years come through my shop in this exact fashion. And the vast majority of them were deer that came from renowned poachers. If that head had come in my shop...I would have assumed the same thing.
  7. bw

    bw New Member

    I only assume that many of the heads in your shop don't have tags because they are killed behind high fence....I could easily be wrong.

    We don't live in a state of free will like Texas. We live in borderline communist Illinois. Can't say I'm proud of it either.

    By the way, I very frequently act like a hole. But that wasn't my intentions on this thread.
  8. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Ima hole :)
  9. trapper jeff

    trapper jeff New Member

    Well, If it will make you feel better BW I will take a picture tomorrow of the deer with the IDNR bow tag and email it to you! What a presumptive jerk you are to assume this deer was poached!! I already explained this was a novice bowhunter who took this deer. Yes the tag should have been tied to the antlers but i'm not able give tag handling instructions to unknown clients. The only reason the tag was not on the deer when these pictures were taken is because 15 minutes after these pictures were taken the skull cap and antlers were put into my dermisted beetle box for cleaning!! you want to know whats ironic?? I bought my starter beetles from YOU, You dont even remember who i am do you?? I'm sure you assumed by my low number of posts that im a new taxidermist right? It really doesn't matter, I have a good working relationship with my local game warden and he advised me that removing the tag during beetle cleaning is legal as long as i had the tag at my beetle cleaning station.You may not have accused me of violating Illinois state taxidermy laws but you sure made it sem that way. Maybe one day BW you wont have to work for renowned poachers, I know I don't..............
  10. bw

    bw New Member

    Man, you guys must have had a rough holiday season.

    Sorry you took offense that someone (not me) said the deer was probably poached. And that I was dumb enough to pont out that IF the deer was in Illinois....that it was tagged improperly. Like I mentioned above, I never called you out in the first place because I didn't know the whole story. To be honest...I never even looked at the name or number of posts. So that had nothing to do with what I typed.

    Maybe one day I won't have to work for renowned pochers? I guess. So far, full time is full time, I don't really care who signs the checks.

    If Michaelp is a self proclaimed hole, and I'm a self proclaimed hole....maybe we should get tee shirts made. Kind of looks like trapperjeff wants one too. What size is George?
  11. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Hell yeah!! And on the bottom we can put "and she's a hoe" with an arrow pointing at Bailey when we stand beside her :)
  12. trapper jeff

    trapper jeff New Member

    I kinda like the tee shirt idea! I've been known to be a "hole" now and then, just ask my wife. lol ;D Kinda had a rough night last night so maybe i took things a little too personal. I don't know about George or michael p or bw but my size is XXL. I'ts all good, take care..... BTW Michael P, should I know who bailey is? lol ;D
  13. bw

    bw New Member

    No harm done!! I'm just glad to hear your beetles worked out.
  14. Thats a shame. I know it puts more money in your pocket but, its a whole lot more stressful to get the job done. Hoping you will get lucky and have a cape or find one the size you need!