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400 lb deer?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Wayne R, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. The uglier the better IMOP lol! ;D
  2. Badboy 28

    Badboy 28 New Member

    that pic has been all over the web !
    ohio ,maine, kansas where ever it was shot it was in a fence IMO

  3. Badboy, if you read all the post you will see where the deer came from. ::)
  4. I'm very good friends with the Flees family and this buck's 9 pt. frame grossed 209". Also for those that think shooting a buck like this is easy, this guy hunted for a week and never had a chance at this buck.....he came back 2 weeks later and hunted another 3 days before the harvest. I actually have the sheds from this buck of the year before and the 8pt frame grosses in the high 180's.

    These sheds will be at Circle M's auction in Dubuque, Iowa in March, for anyone that will be there.


  5. That is easy if you ask me. I also work with game farms and do not look down on them but do you know what the chances are to take a deer like that outside a fence. You go to this place and others like it and you WILL get the deer your after sooner or later. That my friend is easy. So it took this guy a few days to kill a deer of a lifetime, come on man. LOL ::) ;)
  6. My only point is that the bucks aren't tied up to a tree, and this was a awesome buck, nothing more...........if you love to study and photograph deer like I do it's an awesome place to visit and you won't find better people than the Flee's IMO
  7. I do not disagree with you on that, but it is easy. I love working with the few ranches that I do and book and guide hunters on these farms. I know they are not tied to a tree and you do hunt for them, but the outcome is a guaranteed kill and that is what they charge you for. I have been on hunts that took 30 min to take an animal and some that took several days, but you will get your deer. I am sure the Flee's are good folk, nobody has said they were not. ;)
  8. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    looks photoshopped to me, but would be cool if it was real
  9. nitt

    nitt Member

    Nice lookin rack on it. The largest weight deer I have ever gotten in was weighed in at 265 lbs field dressed n thats in wisconsin. Nice buck though
  10. rayray38821

    rayray38821 New Member

    The deer is real not to sure about the weight
  11. You can see the hind quaters are huge, the look a the rt front quarter its also huge. But then so was the mans pocket book.
  12. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    $10,000.00 by thier web site. http://www.wildernesswhitetails.com/
  13. buxxx

    buxxx New Member

    BUNCH OF GUYS THAT CAN'T HUNT IN THE REAL WORLD. Embarrassing to guys that bust their butts to get a real trophy. Anyone who supports this CRAP will be encouraging the end of hunting as we know it. The guys who shoot ( NOT HUNT ) these deer should be embarrassed . It's the equivalent of buying a high class hooker and thinking your a big stud. Yes the deer is the right weight and the antlers are as advertised. Just surprised the deer (after being force fed steroids and his mama being artificially inseminated ) could even wobble out to eat the corn that had been dropped off for it 15 minutes before it was shot! EMBARRASSING FOR OUR INDUSTRY AND THE HUNTING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy who shot this probably never even stepped a foot into the real woods.
  14. I almost laughed out loud on that one buxxx............I never thought I would hear something like that from a fellow taxidermist....if that is what you are. Ask anyone else on here if they get any business from high fence operations. I think you would be surprised at how much business these "crappy" hunters throw our way.

    As long as this practice is legal and they want their bucks mounted, more power to them. I understand you might not care for this yourself.....to each his own.
  15. buxxx, you should be embarrassed for not knowing what your taking about. It might not be for you but putting down any legal form of hunting does more to hurt the hunting world than ranches. Your ignorance surrounds you.
  16. NAV

    NAV Frontier Taxidermy

    Buxxx, Your first comment may be more true than you think.
    I know guys that have a high fence ranch and the individuals that usually pay to hunt there are wealthy, extremely busy and don't have the time to spend all year/years hunting for a trophy like that to hang in their office or home. Or they are physically impaired in one way or another and can't go put up tree stands or blinds to sit in and hunt from. Many of them have trouble being on their feet for more than just a few minutes at a time, but they still want to take a trophy to hang up. I personally wouldn't hunt in a high fence area but I don't hold that against those who cant hunt in the woods as I do. The individuals that I know who own and operate a high fence ranch don't hunt them either, it is their way to support their own hunting habits financially.
  17. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Here is my input on this.
    The blood issue. The ranches I have/do work for, we always "cleaned" the deer up before photos, which include cleaning the blood off, cutting the tongues off, etc. So that would explain the no blood issue IMO.

    Now, buxxx, you are a JOKE and you do NOT know what you are talking about. You are more than likely one of those "experts" who believe the deer farmers "force feed" steroids to the deer to make the antlers huge !! HAHA
  18. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    buxxx, I would say that your comments were about half ignorant if I didn't consider it a bad misuse of a good fraction. Heath is correct. You don't have a clue.
  19. cremmick

    cremmick New Member

    Yes, this deer is amazingly huge, but who said it takes a huge set of antlers for it to be considered a trophy. A trophy to me is the fun and thrill of the hunt, whether I tag out or not. It is the love of the outdoors. This crazy world just seems to make sense when I'm in the woods. If I outsmart a buck on his level and I decide to take that animals life, then it is a trophy to me because it is a moment I will never forget. The memory will always be better than the head on the wall. The head will merely be the conversation piece to a perfect chapter in your life that is stored in your head forever.
  20. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    You are more of an embarrassment to us hunters more than anybody who chooses to hunt high fence. Who the **** died and made you God of all hunters ??? Just another blowhole yankee know it all. It's embeciles like you that give the anti's more ammunition than a friggin lettuce roll eater. You have not a clue the genetics, research and proper management that has been produced and used "outside" the fence simply because of research, discovery and proven methods used in the fence.

    Ignorance is bliss & you are one blissful man.