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400 lb deer?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Wayne R, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    So what it looked photoshopped to me, but in all reality I really don't give a chit. If it is legal then who cares. If the guy has enough money to shoot such an animal then he has enough money to get it mounted or buy a gun to shoot it with and not to mention bullets for the gun and so on and so on. It's just a bigger picture than some people can comprehend.
  2. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Well said Jason and ain't that the truth.

  3. buxxx

    buxxx New Member

    I agree with most of what you said Heath. You are correct in what you assumed I witnessed. It was in a 3 acre pen with a total of 4 or 5 trees. The buck obviously had no where to go and was screwed from the moment they climbed in the stand. These guys flew in that morning and "hunted" for 10 minutes . After the high fives and them telling me of all the record book animals they had taken in the last few years (Needless to say I wasn't impressed) they were back on their plane and gone 3 hours later. I don't consider this hunting. I do realize some of these ranches are miles and miles between fences where you are from and I really don't have a problem with that. The animal stands a chance and if it is fair chase I consider that hunting and not shooting. I witnessed the "fish in a barrel" game ranch and it turned me off. I respect your point of view and will not call you names as some love to do on this site. As I've said before their are extremes to everything. I am not backing the anti movement by disagreeing with what I witnessed because this is in no way, shape, nor form a type of hunting as I know it and 99 percent of the public wouldn't agree with it either. If you want to create a lot of antis just show them videos of these canned hunts where the game has no where to go. This will turn 9 out of 10 neutral people against hunters who hunt by fair chase.
  4. Buxx, I agree that those type of hunts are the worst of what you can see. Your problem was thinking all fenced ranches are like that, as has been said. The smallest one I have ever worked with as my Dad books for allot of places, free range and fenced, is 3400 ac. The largest is 21,000. It is easier to hunt due to the management they do, But there are no steroids and chemicals involved in producing animals on them, just the best food and medical care against diseases and selective breeding for the best chance at growing big deer. It is legal and your state is the only one I have heard of, and there are hundreds I haven't heard of, that you do not have to get a hunting permit to take whitetail. Even with most you need a license but not any type of permit to take exotic animals.

    Some of the hunters that I have taken and guided at these ranches end up not taking an animal while there for a few days, due to not seeing what they are looking for. Some are not as picky. As I said before you even posted on this thread, it is easier than free range as far as chances of taking a nice animal, but their is hunting going on. I myself hunt for whitetail free range now, but have had some great and not so great hunts, mainly in TX that were great experiences and never once beat my chest on how big of a hunter I was, nor have I seen someone else do that.

    If you had come on here with the attitude you had on your last post, you would not have felt like we attacked you on the issue. You came on with a degrading tone and since capital letters on a forum means your yelling, you came off like you some loudmouth semi-expert know it all with a bad attitude. That is what caused every reply to you after that directed at you the way it was. Every reply was on topic, the deer itself, until you posted. That is when it went south towards you.

    I'm done kicking the horse now. ;)
  5. RumRunner

    RumRunner Nicholas Dugas, (337) 205-1269

    looks to me that he took off his jacket for one of the pics and had it on in the other.

    big deer for sure
  6. joeuhuh

    joeuhuh New Member

    yep that deer is twice as big as one half that size.......

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    Go to wilderness whitetails.com in the gallery section and you can see this deer. It's a damn shame that this man even smiles about this deer. Game farm in Wisconsin come on that's not hunting paying ten thousand dollars to kill a pet deer farm raised. I'd be ashamed if my pic was in that gallery. It kills the integrity of our sport for shit like this to spread all over the internet my 2 cents.
  8. Buxxx, I sent you a pm agreeing with you in the way you perceived this type of canned hunting, it's ok, you can tell them that one of your pm's was me, lol, I don't give a rat what they all think of me, so what, it's only an opinion, they all have theirs and I have mine, so what... I was also slammed some time ago when some of the guys in here were all up in arms about Maine passing a law against such practices, which by the way, didn't pass. My complaint was about a can hunting area not far from where I am where I was told, that the animals, be it elk, fallow deer, red deer, wild boar, etc, were let out of a closed up barn some yards away from a tree stand and the animals didn't even have time to acclimate their eyes to the sun light and they were killed by so called hunters who paid a large amount of money to harvest these animals who never had a chance in hell and bragged to me personally how good of a shot they were and asked me if I would mount their kills... Personally, I don't agree with this type of game hunting. In fact, it's not even right if you ask me, but I went ahead and mounted these animals anyway. What can I say, I'm a taxidermist, though I didn't like the way these animals were (legally) harvested, I have to pay to keep the lights on and I made a pretty nice coin mounting them... Personally, like you, I would better prefer to give the animals half a chance and hunt them the old fashion way and with me living in Maine and the fact that we have plenty of good game and lots of land to hunt them in, it's pretty easy, that is, if you're at the right place and at the right time to do so. And personally, "my own opinion," I would better prefer, if I were at some point to hunt in these paid canned hunts to hunt in a large area where these animals had half the chance to hide and elude me. I think that would present a better ethical challenge to me and I wouldn't feel so guilty shooting them, as like shooting milking cows in a field... I donno, some guys aren't lucky when it comes to hunting the old fashion way, whether it be because of a disability, or they just don't have the time, or Patience, or what ever and they feel it necessary to go to these paid can hunts to get some game animals. Whatever... I'm not qualified to be their judge, to each their own I guess. C-mon now, who am I, I have my own sins to answer for... Anyway buxxx, I think it's time to give this thread a rest. It's not going anywhere and it's not worth the trouble, but causing more and more people in here to get pissed off. So, let it go man, and believe what you believe and let them think what they want. This is a no win situation. Everybody has their own opinion whether it's right or wrong...
  9. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    all things aside,its a SLOBBOLY for sure ;)
  10. deerhunterdon

    deerhunterdon New Member

    ranch hunting I dont believe in it.... someone should prove me wrong by letting me go on a ranch for free ....you know to enlighten me! I think If I shot something around the 155 inch that would do it!!!! you would show me boy!!! ;D
  11. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    lol nevermind
  12. I am out on the ranch hunt/high fence, take the 4H ribbon off it, the halter and slap it in the as- and make it run from you, then shoot with a rifle with a scope on it the size of the rifle, chicken sh-t to me but thats just my opinion and everyone entitled to one.

    Bow hunter.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IU1bzZheWk
  14. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

  15. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    I wonder what the neck measurements would be on a 400lb deer lol. (did'nt read the whole post, maybe someone allready mentioned it) I would imagine the Canada guy's would know.