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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Freespirit, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Had request from fellow artists for this so here goes

    materials needed

    1/4 plywood 24inch cut round keep track of your center mark have to dill 3/8 hole in center

    1) 2inch thick urethane board cut a 24 inch circle round
    2) then a 20 inch round circle
    3) then a 14 inch round circle

    bondo 1 to plywood then 2 and 3 all together to make a pyramid as shown in pictures

    Get yourself a 3/8 drill and a hole cut bits for the size of your paint bottles and start drilling holes
    all around first level then second level then third level spaced out evenly

    then you need a 10 to 12 inch 3/8 pan head bolt with heavy washer for bottom

    and a 3/8 connector

    and a 6 to 8 inch 3/8 eye bolt

    lock tight these together (after you went threw your pyramid center)

    you will also need to put a hollow shaft/sleeve save on the wear and tear from spinning in the center of you pyramid

    Next get yourself a 5 ft pocket door rail along with pocket door gliders (pocket door rail can be any size you want mine is 5ft rolls across my 7ft table side to side out of the way)

    10 inch pec of 2x4 to screw gliders to 4 wood screws should do it

    and a u shaped clamp for the eye bolt and 2x4

    pictures are pretty much straight forward

    any question give me a email


    Wayne ;)

    copy right of Free Spirit Taxidermy -2009

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  2. PAINT TROLLY (REQUEST) more pictures #2

    more pictures and some more to come

    Copy Right of Free Spirit Taxidermy-2009

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  3. PAINT TROLLY (REQUEST) more pictures #3

    last of pictures

    Thank you

    Copy Right of Free Spirit Taxidermy -2009

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