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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by kazo, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. kazo

    kazo New Member

    I have 2 catfish heads I would like to mount.One fish was 28 kilograms and the other was 38kg. Can someone please give me some input of how to skin them . They have a lot of meat on them and is it possible to take all that meat out of the head. Any help appreciated.
  2. jemmick

    jemmick Active Member

    My suggestion is to cast them

  3. kazo

    kazo New Member

    I never casted anything.I'm not so sure I could do it right.
  4. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    There was a women from somewhere in Europe , Latvia I think, that posted a huge catfish head a few weeks back. I would find her and ask her for some pointers. I thought the head looked very nice and am pretty sure it was the real thing.

    Paul B
  5. Kazo, The lady Pescado is referring to goes by the name Sarmite on this forum. Just look up some of her posts on this forum and you should be able to contact her. She does some really good work with catfish.. Good luck! George
  6. kazo

    kazo New Member

    Thanks guys I sent her a PM. One more question, can the head be molded with silicon caulk from the tube .Has anyone tried this?
  7. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill If my hats missing im fishing

    Just my imput........the eye sockets are too small to go through and remove the cheek meat so you will have to cut the skin around the cheek with a scapal and scrape all the meat down to the skull. After the head dries you can use Great Stuff foam and spray into the cheeks and let dry for a day. Then carve and sand the foam and cover the head with a thin layer of sculpturing compound and set the eyes. You will also have to cut the whiskers off and rebuilt them. What I have done is measure each whisker before you cut them off. Make your whiskers with magic sculp and attach to where the original whiskers were and have your head positioned upward so the whiskers will dry in a flowing motion.
  8. Jim L

    Jim L New Member

    heads can be molded with silicone caulk. when i do a mold of a large fish head i put the silicone on in a couple coats, not just one thick coat because it takes a very long time to set up.
  9. kazo

    kazo New Member

    Thanks guys.I will try to mold and cast one head and the other one Ill try to do like Sarmite does.