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Deer numbers up or down?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by gobbler71, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    Up a little on mounts. Down on processing. But raised prices 10%. So I'm pleased.

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    down slightly here in VA.

  3. Nina Lukaszewicz

    Nina Lukaszewicz Outdoor Dreams Taxidermy

    up, here in PA. Took in around 16 this year vs the single deer I took in last year, so it's an improvement.
  4. lams taxi

    lams taxi New Member

    numbers are way dow. the problem i'm having is 4 more taxidermy shops opened with in 20 miles of me which is ok everyone has to make a living but one of the new shops are doing deer heads for $2oo and the other one is doing them for $150 how do i compete? i know another shop doing waterfowl for $100 thats just crazy to me . but i guess if this is your only income you need to make money. i wish i could do deer heads htat cheap.the shipping on forms is almost as much as the form itself. well good luck to everyone .
  5. Bobbi Meyer

    Bobbi Meyer I luv to ride my tricycle, I luv to ride my trike

    just hold out for a while...those 200 and 150 dollar deer head folks will fizzle out quickly...either by going broke or producing crappy work.
    I'd love to see some of them
  6. gab

    gab Active Member

    down 20%
  7. GC424

    GC424 New Member

    took in about 250 deer heads, 50 turkey never mounted one before, ducks geese you name it I got it. Then the alarm went off and it was time to go to my day job. wow i don't know if that was a dream or a nightmare. Felt like a nightmare
  8. lams taxi

    lams taxi New Member

    numbers way down i cound'nt get a deer close enough to harvest guess i'll be eat'n alot of chicken this year HOPE I DON'T START GROW'N FEATHERS
  9. gab

    gab Active Member

  10. wayne70

    wayne70 Member

    Up about 10 shoulder mounts this year more euros than before. over all season turned out good
  11. Up...being that I started going public from nothing so really there is only one way to go.
  12. Trophy Specialist

    Trophy Specialist Active Member

    I was down some but last year I took in too many. Also, this year I closed my studio for the entire firearm deer season (last two weeks of Nov.) and I know that cost me some business. I still took in about all I can complete this year.
  13. shammy

    shammy New Member

  14. joe  g

    joe g New Member

    I'm a part timer ,don't advertise , do only game heads. Took in 33 deer, turned away a dozen. I would say best year yet . Best year for older bucks in my area because of my customers doing there own QDM.
  15. ALLAN

    ALLAN Member

    Numbers are down in Illinois most places. Dont let the Ill. DNR fool you when they try to get you out of state people to come in and plop your almost $500.00 down for license to hunt deer. they need the money bad so they are liable to tell you anything to entise you.
  16. Trophy Specialist

    Trophy Specialist Active Member

    This is the first year in over 10 years that I took zero deer in from IL. Michigan passed a law a couple years ago that bans the import of animal parts that are not fleshed from any states that have CWD. That law cost legal MI taxidermists business as most MI hunters that take big deer in IL (or other CWD states) are now eithor taking their deer to IL taxidermists or taking them to illegal taxidermists in MI. The list of CWD states is a long one too including MI. My question is does any other state ban the import of MI amimal parts that are not fleshed?
  17. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Better than last year but still not back up to what they were 2007-2008 season (my best year).
  18. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    It's been weird, started out with a UGE bang (best opening week EVER) and then fizzled, spiked back up and then died and now the last 2 week have been nuts. Just today alone i've gotten in 4 shoulder mounts, 2 euro's and a bobcat lifesize.

    I'm holding steady on numbers, it's just been really unpredictable! LOL
  19. AUplantman

    AUplantman New Member

    Started off crazy high! Slowed as usual through Dec, and first of Jan. Rut is starting to kick in pretty good, and numbers are going back way ahead of next year. These last 11 days of season, should be crazy! ;D
  20. Michael Shipman

    Michael Shipman Killen Merriams in SD

    i wound up being down probably 20 deer from the last few years. But overall numbers of all animals were up probably 40 animals from last year. Mostly on the higher end animals.