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freeze dried bees???

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by tim74, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. tim74

    tim74 New Member

    I'm working on my first habitat display and i'm doing a lifesize bear mount of him turning a log over and i wanted to create a bee's nest and was looking for a way to get bees to put on the log and maybe some on him. I can't seem to find anything like this in craft stores or taxidermy catalogs. Any suggestions?
  2. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    not sure how much help this will be to ya, but a while back there was a lifesize black bear mount that was getting into a bees nest and it had the preserved bees in it. They had a website listed that had all the different insects in it. Maybe someone else will be able to remember the mount i am talking about, or you may find it looking in the lifesize section. :-\

  3. jazz_fan1

    jazz_fan1 Member

    jonas sells an artificial bee
  4. I would just catch and kill real bees. Position them and let them dry. They will stay that way and no need to paint. Not the best time of year to find live bees!