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dennis reinhardt insitute of taxidermu

Discussion in 'Training' started by komak, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever had a class with him. If how is it. I am thinking about taking a class with him and was wondering what everone thought about it.
  2. sawtooth taxi

    sawtooth taxi New Member

    A good friend I met while attending Dan Reinharts school had also gone to Denniss' school and said there was no comparison. Denniss' school was alot better. He said the instruction and attention to detail were excellent. I only wish I had chosen Dennis over Dans school

  3. I went to Dennis in 2004. I enjoyed it very much. I took the entire six week course and felt the class size was about perfect for the amount of attention each individual got. I would highly recommend it as a starting point. That being said, Dennis only stresses the BASICS. I have found many things since then that I have changed, and some things I still do that he taught me. I don't remember ever looking at a reference photo. Be prepared to continue learning different methods as you progress after the course.
  4. gladysphilips

    gladysphilips jackal? it's a jackal!! jackal? a jackal!!!

    i had a friend who attended dan reinhardt's school. she said she learned a lot, but there was some tension between the students and between the teachers and students that made things uncomfortable...
  5. kosterman

    kosterman New Member

    i just finished going to school at a.i.t. i have nothing but good to say about dennis and his assistant dave.
  6. I would agree with Bill. You will get the basics of what you need to learn but this is a art that is always moving forward and there is always something new to learn. Its amazing how many things you will learn once you get into it and start trying new things. Good luck
  7. I went to Dennis classes early this year and I loved it. If you had any questions they were there to answer them. I also think the class size was perfect. I would highly recommend A.I.T. I full enjoyed Dennis and Dave they were great.
  8. Jesse M

    Jesse M "it is what it is"

    Have you looked into Wegner's School of Taxidermy? I have completed the full course and highly recommend it. The phone # is 608-868-4022. He has a website also.


    I went to John Rinehart School of Taxidermy in 2000. That was OK, guest apperences from Dan Rinehart . Never saw or met Dennis. I have realized that it would be better to go work in someones shop first even if it is sweaping the floors for free just to be around Taxidermy before you attend a school in hopes that you would have some basic knowledge of the workings of taxidermy.
  10. I went through all classes at ATI in 03, Dennis is excellent, did just like William said kept things and changed things you will learn alot.
  11. I just finished my class and it was great. Had allot of fun and learned allot. You were correct about dennis and dave they were excellant teachers.
  12. IAtaxi

    IAtaxi Member

    I also graduated in 03, I'll just say it was a pretty good starting point. I wish he would have taught reference a lot more. Also wish he would have had time for painting a replica for our class. Have had to buy some videos since school.

    I had a blast with the roomates, fishing, drinking, and telling lies.
  13. still life taxidermy

    still life taxidermy New Member

    Dennis and Dave are AWESOME, I just finished all of my classes at AIT and enjoyed them very much. Their website is www.americantaxidermy.com Would highly recomend it.
  14. rcorb78

    rcorb78 Screw a Farmer, Everybody else does!

    I went through the der class at Dan Rinehart and was very happy with it. They were very willing to help and very detailed. The class size was a little large, but that class(spring) is always full. Other times of the year are not as busy. I would recomend that school also.
  15. bucksnort25

    bucksnort25 New Member

    If you can afford it, you will be better off with a one-on-one type class. I attended Dennis' class in 2000. At the time I thought it was the greatest thing. After years of trying to improve my work I took a class with Shawn Dawson in Great Falls, Montana. The things I learned there jumped my learning curve by 100%. Dennis teaches you how to "cover teh yellow" and get it out the door. You will not set your own eye, you will use the Rinehardt mannakins with the eyes already in. you will never look at a reference pic, and trust me this is huge!! Looking at a pic is one thing, knowing what you are looking at and why are 2 different things. I would definitely look into other schools if I were you.
  16. axel

    axel Member

    A friend of mine attended. He had nothing but good things to say and he is running a successful local business. I personally haven't attended but purchased some of his DVDs. I think he also offers some online courses. Maybe try one of them out to get a feel for yourself before committing for the full on campus course.
  17. NE CO HHT

    NE CO HHT New Member

    I just finished Dennis' Online bird mounting class last week and found it as well as he and Dave very helpful throughout the course. Everything in the videos was easy to follow and explained very well IMO. I'll be signing up for more of his online classes this weekend. If you don't have the money to attend the classes locally or just can't afford to be away from home that long, Online seems to be a good alternative as they're always available by email and phone. I had better success in getting my questions answered by phone than email though and Dennis was prompt at returning my calls.