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Ever Had One Of These Guys

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by moosehorn, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. moosehorn

    moosehorn New Member

    Drops deer off Nov.,his first deer ever,very proud and excited to get it mounted.Im happy for him and congrats him and tell him will be completed 2 to 3 months.Well he calls 2 days later,is everything ok with cape,etc. yep every things good.Long story short Ive had about 12 calls from him,the last one I told him its completed and ready to pick up,that was 2 weeks ago.Hmmm
  2. livingtrophytaxidermy

    livingtrophytaxidermy New Member

    ya i have 3 like that so far.if i dont care if they come back then i call them like they called me.i got one that is my budiies land lord and he is making my buddy pay me his 200 dollar rent payments a month. and he was the guy bugging me about a discount.

  3. fozziebear

    fozziebear Active Member

    No not quite that bad, I had a guy drop off a coyote and give me a package of venison hot stick's, then one week later call and ask if it was done yet. Lol, he thought he would get moved forward cause of the hot stick's!!! Maybe some hot $100.00's lol!
  4. moosehorn

    moosehorn New Member

    LOL guys,crazy,last year I had a guy stop by 4 different times,40 mile round trip and would pay$20 three of them times.Quess I should be happy to be paid,but his gas bill was something.
  5. tjaxtax

    tjaxtax Member

    Dont you hate that. It seems like the exicited ones are the ones that i have the most trouble from. ??? :mad:
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I would agree with that.
  7. bigrubs07

    bigrubs07 October 26,2007 148 gross P/Y points, 230lbs FD

    I had a guy I did 2 deer heads for bow and gun, when they were done did'nt have the money wanted to know if he could pick them up and make payments I said no no they look just fine on my wall till you pay they stay. Couple days later called wanted to know if he could bring his buddies and look at them hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!just bring the cash and take them man. Still a costumer and not a bad one either.
  8. I have one deer that has been done for 5 months. I called several times about pickup and he never called back. So I called a couple of his friends that I have done work for and told them I was trying to get with the guy. The next day his wife calls, you know your in trouble when the wife calls ::). She gave the sick/hospital deal with her husband then rolled into things are tough. She asked if she could send $75 a week to pay it off. I said sure, that will be fine. Well that was 2 months back and I have not heard a word from them. This for me, is the first flat out no show I have had.
  9. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    I have a guy like that. Frickin moron.
  10. JLG

    JLG Member

    how about the one that send some dude by just look at there rack that is piled up with a 100 ather rack and then ask if you will dig it out so thay can look at it.
  11. nitt

    nitt Member

    I have a 3 nostil steer mount thats been sitting in shop for almost 2 years guy stop by monday to get it tell him he owes me interest amount owed. instead of charging the 10% interest on the amount owed only charged him 50 bucks otherwise it woulda been like 90. at least he finnally got it complained about it though. Then got a cousin in law have had deer done for about year and a half never got money to pay me but can remodel house (go figure).
  12. I hate the ones that drop chit off but never pays their deposit {although they say will be back in a week to do so}. I store the dang thing waiting, reminding them several times I wont start till it's paid, then someone who knows them comes in and says, "so and so was trashing you out the other day, says you've had their deer a year and it's not done" ::) Really chaps my arse! :mad:
  13. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    LOL :D same here ;) a guy said he would bring the deposit that evening ;D didn't show :mad: ran into him a few times asked if he wanted anything done to his critter? he said he would be there the next day to pay the deposit ;D didn't show :mad: it's been a YEAR since he brought it and still NO DEPOSIT :mad: ran into him last night and he didn't say the first thing about his mount ::)
  14. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    Oh yeah, had another guy that dropped off a bobcat and went with the payment plan ;D paid $100 and I haven't heard from him again ::) tried calling but that number he gave doesn't work any more ::) and it's been over a year
  15. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    I'll give a guy a week to pay a deposit (if I feel his excuse is a good one)!! If he doesn't keep his end of the deal (or at least call), I politely tell him to come and pick up his rack........I keep the cape for the work I've put in and storage. Of course he can also take the cape......for the amount of the deposit!! They are forced to pay up,or take it somewhere else.
  16. I usually do deer for $59, then throw in 2 more free mounts if they call within 10 minutes. Taxidermy is easy and cheap!!! I can't believe you guys don't understand this?? it's not that hard to STUFF a deer, I don't know what takes so long!!! If my customers call and pester me; I really hurry on their mount. LOL!!!!!
  17. I'm at the point that if you do not have 50% down then you drop off the mount ,you can take it out the door when you leave, then bring it back when you have the money.
    This may seam a little harsh but it works. Just my 2 cents.
  18. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    I hate the customers that call all the time just to check in.......drive me nuts. As far as the deposits, I stress that I have to have 50% at drop off. If not, my contract says I will have it within 30 days of that date or it becomes mine to throw away, or sell as I see fit. The same with finished mounts and the other half. Been lucky and had nobody no show me out of a couple hundred.
  19. jmj

    jmj Member

    I had a guy bring me a buck last year on a wed. said he would drop off a deposit fri. Never hear from himm at all this year he brings me another buck and i tell him you know you never paid a dime on last years. He says when he gets his refund he will pay them both off in full :) :) we will see how that turns out. At least i got 2 nice replacement capes out of the deal plus 2 nice racks
  20. jemmick

    jemmick Active Member

    The only problem I see w/ most of this is that YOU the taxidermist/businessman is in control of these situations. In our studio we have a clear cut signed contract that spells out what conditions that we will accept the customers work and how pmt is to be made for the deposit and final pickup. I will say that I don't wait for my money and have only had to sell a few mounts in 38 yrs. Business is business and if I loose a few deadbeats then I say GREAT they can go to one of my competittors with my blessings!