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Mad Customer, what to do?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bluehealer, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Bluehealer

    Bluehealer Daddys little girl, first deer..

    Had customer come by tonight to pick up his deer, was immediately irate telling me that wasn't his deer that his was much bigger (antlers that is). He refused to take the mount much less pay his remaining balance.

    There is no way its not his mount, every whitetail that comes in gets digitally photographed, all measurements taken, number zip tied to horns, everything logged in computer, caped, ruff fleashed, hide froze with same number written on bag and matching number tag inside bag, horns hung on rack till time comes to mount.

    Showed customer my log in the computer to include photos, he still was animate that wasn't his deer. I asked him if he had pictures of it when taken thinking that would help but no luck there. He left telling me he would be back tomorrow with a buddy that was with him when it was taken.

    Not sure what to do with this situation, any ideas?? Maybe his buddy will remember better than he does.
  2. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you just about did everything you could. Only one suggestion for next time. Take a pix with the customer holding the antlers when they drop them off. This eliminates all doubt.

  3. KevinH

    KevinH Active Member

    I never heard of a customer complaining that the antlers are wrong. Gezz good luck with that.
  4. Sounds like some delayed reaction on the ground shrinkage. he should have got upset about that in the field when he found the deer, not several months later when picking it up from your shop.....what a moron! he'll feel like a goon when he finally realizes that it really is his deer.
  5. Get use to it, they antlers always grow in their mind. The antlers always shrink so much, yea right!
  6. dipper

    dipper New Member

    Sounds like you have a mess there. Did you tag the rack, when he was present?
  7. finfeathr

    finfeathr Member

    I had a customer pick up a head last year, come back a week later with the head, explaining that the antlers were too big! He said his buddy that was with him said I must have messed up the antlers somehow...I went into the whole marking/tagging process with him, his state tag still attached to the antlers etc...he still insisted his antlers were too big..when asked to clarify, he told me that the deer did not look right, because one brow tine was longer than the other! He insisted the tines were the same length when he shot the deer, and that I somehow "grew" one out of proportion to the other! I stated that I cannot be responsible for a deer"s genetics..they even produced a photo that CLEARLY showed one browtine longer than the other, but still thought I messed it up somehow, as if I sprinkled "miracle grow" on one tine and not the other!!! They left with the deer, but still to this day think I grew a browtine longer than the other one...you just can't convince people if they have something stuck in thier heads, or have a buddy egging them on...
  8. sean997

    sean997 Member


    If I send one of my deer to you can you make it grow? ;D
  9. dwstex38

    dwstex38 New Member

    Thats the worse part of any business, dealing with the public. You have to cover your butt at every angle.and sometimes its impossible.I would like to see the look on his face when he is proven wrong.
  10. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Whitetail hunters suffer from penis-envy ... er ... uh ... I mean Antler Envy! Yeah that's the ticket!

    If their Deer isn't the biggest one you've ever seen - after having seen thousands upon thousands - they feel emasculated. That's why I hate working on Whitetail.

    Every now and again, you will get a customer in who will swear you are pulling a fast one with their Irish Elk ... er ... uh ... I mean Whitetail Deer!

    These godamned cell phones make it even worse yet. "I took a picture with my phone" - or so they believe. "Look at the Deer ... look at the size of that neck!" Then you explain that yes, the deer is big, but not as big as it seems in the image - they are NOT photos ... not by any stretch!

    You have to explain they are holding a dead animal with no self support, and therefore the neck muscles are resting back on themselves, blowing themselves outward, making the neck appear bigger than when the Deer was alive and holding its own head up, but all they here in their head are all the compliments on the size of the rack.

    Like I said ... penis-envy ... er ... uh ... Antler Envy! Yeah, that's the ticket!

  11. mimes

    mimes Member

    Had the same thing happen to me once in 10yrs. Guy when home, looked at his pics, then sheepishly admitted.....his deer was NOT as big as he remembered! Dont know what else you could have done except as suggested and take a pic with customer holding antlers. In my opinion that is having to go overboard!
  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I don't play their game. They can see all the antlers on my shop rack and when I hear that, I tell them that a taxidermy shop is the very worst place in the world for a hunters ego (Penis envy is probably closer, John). Nothing pisses me off more than some yahoo questioning my integrity and I let them know it real quick. I don't take any pictures as you can't foolproof someone being a fool and regardless (just like in this instance) no matter what you have to prove your case, he's not interested. I tell them straight up, then I guess I'll see you in court and see who's side the judge is on.
  13. Bluehealer

    Bluehealer Daddys little girl, first deer..

    I didnt tag the deer with customer there, this particular one though was dropped off by him, most of my mount I pick up from 1 of 2 deer processing places and I never see the customer until finish product.

    I did get a call from him this morning though, still upset and still coming by tonight, either way I have his signed contract and will remind him if its not paid for/picked up after 90 days the mount is mine. More to follow :(
  14. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I have had two customers look and ask,, is that mine? Some do not remember what their rack looked like. I would rather the customer hold on to their racks until mounting time, after the materials are on hand, and the leather is ready. Then have them bring back their racks. That way, they have watched it shrink already while in their possession.
  15. fozziebear

    fozziebear New Member

    Rusty (John) I have that exact problem with one of my good freinds. His mount looks nothin like the photo, it shocked me too. But I caped it out right at his house and had him measure it right in front of me and it was a tight neck measurement of 21", but when he pull's the pic out for freinds they say what happend to the neck, then I have to explain that for one it had no swell (mid oct deer) and the form is right with the measurement's. Kinda makes ya feel like your defending yourself lol. Rick
  16. fozziebear

    fozziebear New Member

    Good idea T !!!!!
  17. dipper

    dipper New Member

    Bluehealer-picking up a customer's head from a butcher shop might be part of your problem. I'm sure there is allot of guys on this site that do it that way, but I stay away from it. My point is, who's to say that the buther tagged your customer's deer correctly? I don't know if your state requires hunters to tag their deer, but if they don't, your customer could have a ligament concern.
  18. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    That sounds like a turkey I did for a guy ::) pick it up and said it looked REALLY NICE :-* called a few days later and said if you looked at it head on.The head looks tilted to the left IF YOUR COMPARE IT to the TAIL ::) mount was similar(not as much tilt)

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  19. Sarge

    Sarge A little too much Lord *hic*

    I have seen so many client complaint problems about this on here, "that isn't my deer" that I decided to leave their state adhesive tag on the rack until they come to pick it up then ask them whether they want it to remain there or if they would like it on the back of the mount. I don't care either way. So far they have said on the back so I then cut it loose with the scalpel and staple to the back and take some Goo Gone and clean off the adhesive.

    They put the tag on so if it isn't the deer they brought in I simply ask.

    If it isn't your deer then who's deer did you put your tag on then?

  20. Steve Rotramel

    Steve Rotramel We got some radical rebels in this county!

    I've had that happen twice. Both times worked out okay after reviewing pictures.

    George is not exagerrating when he says let the judge decide.

    The future problem looms far bigger than the present one. He will eventually leave your shop with or without his deer. But you can bet he is going to talk it up.

    The time for pleasing this customer has passed. You need to go on the offensive in order to protect your business and reputation. I would let him know in very clear and direct terms the seriousness of his accusations and your willingness to take whatever legal means necessary to defend your actions and recoup any losses caused by his slander.

    You probably won't have to do anything if he knows you will.