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Mad Customer, what to do?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bluehealer, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Then ask them " why did you shoot that baby in the first place?" LOL Tell them that they can upgrade next year if they hold off on the trigger.
  2. YUP ! Never Fails, there WILL always be a few Dreamer hunters & Fishermen ( Braggers who STRETCH the truth ! ) out there & NO Matter what YOU do or say they WILL feel there Buck ( antlers or neck ) were Larger !

    I have BLOWN the clients Brains out for years with BIG Rack Bucks with HUGH antlers in my showroom ( repros & real bones & all sizes as well on display ................ just to show them WHAT IS Possible out there .........................They come & bring others just to see the displays so they KNOW when they bring In their TROPHY I TELL them OUTRIGHT they have a TROPHY ( their trophy ) nothing to Compare to MY displays ( explaining again what I have & WHY etc. ! Never do I hear much Negative about their Buck is to small ( because I GET them to THINK Reality first ...when they leave it for mounting lol ............

    BUT, there STILL will be a few ...........................

    or their FISH..............................was larger !

    This problem even Blows more out of Proportion Many times worse with FISH ! You've heard the story of ( MY fish was SO BIG, right , - they tell all their buddies, a false Length & weight & girth ( bragging all the time , larger each time they tell it , lol ................. & then,.............. but when they show & TELL , after mounting IT , all of a sudden IT shrunk .

    I have had clients want False information on a nameplate ( stating their fish was Much heavier & longer ) for the nameplate than the specimen IS or was etc. I paid heavily for this one time , only , when another fisherman - one of the client's friends saw the mount & read the nameplate , said nothing to the customer, BUT Phoned me to SAY I must have given the client the wrong fish or shrunk it , lol ! So, then I had to explain the customer wanted to BRAG SO BAD he demanded I make the nameplate to read this way .

    NEVER Again will I ever do that, lol, So they will have to get their own nameplate made if they want to BRAG that way !

    Then there are the customers who WANT the taxidermist to MAKE their FISH Larger & IT can be done in several ways for skin mounts etc. JUST to BRAG & Or show their buddy their fish was larger , lol .

    One more wild story for ya, lol

    .........................One customer said He would NOT Pay for his Beautiful Trophy Musky mount til I could PROVE it was HIS FISH . He said it looked shorter than it was when he caught it . I said SUR thing ( but before I Prove it ) I really DID NOT Care if he took it as I could SELL it for more than he was Paying me anyways ( I told him this with a BIG Laugh but seriousally !

    ANY round object with thickness ( that is bent into a curve ) usually WILL measure less on the inside of the curve than on the outside or the back of the curve . Understand ?? Try it & see for your self ........... The fish mount measured about 1 1/2 to 2 inches less then what I charged him ( I always measure a fish laying flat etc. for the priceing ) as most taxidermists do . Some actually charge by the inch ( measureing the length & girth added togeather x so much per inch ............. trickey SALES by phone indeed , sounds cheap & gets them to your shop lol........... !

    So, I measured the mount on both the front - inside curve & the outside or back of the curve . I asked HIM ( as I measured the back side ) IF he would pay me MORE IF IT measured Greater than the measurement I charged him orginally ? He just chuckled & acted very serious that it Better measure like the fish was orginally ! I Had to teach HIM a good lesson but he got me GOOD in the end !

    It measured MORE on the back alright as I knew it would & of course HE did not offer to pay more , but was VERY Confused then as I told him ( split the difference between the inside & outside measurements & THERE YOU Have the flat measurement , what I charged for in the first place !

    He wrote me a personal check & the check bounced ! I was Very lucky he was NOT from out of state or I likely would never had collected the $$ . I had a NIGHTMARE getting paid for the fish BUT I was Pissed & Dragged him to court as he was an ASS ( excuse the language ) ....He ended up spending Xmas IN Jail as the Police found him & took him IN , arrested HIM on xmas eve ! SORRY Pal, IT was ALL YOUR Falt ! Most times IT IS Not worth it to Chase people down for insufficient payment But sometimes YOU MUST to teach them a LESSON, or their children turn out the same !

    Enough .....................I took Up way to much space , Hope I did not tire you ?

  3. Galen

    Galen 218-263-7177 www.EdgewaterTaxidermy.com

    This post has gone off track. LOL

    Oh well. I never take a Check on the balance . Always a credit card or cash for the very same reason for a BAD check ….. and I never weigh a Fish for a Customer.

    I had I guy call all HAPPY and tell me he wanted me to mount his walleye he just caught . That day.

    He said it was a 10 pounder. . Well he brought it into my shop and wanted to know if I had a Scale to weigh it on . I pulled out my New Digital scale and the fish was 8 and a half pound. You could see the wind leave his sails...

    Well long story short he still mounted it and I told him it is still a Very nice fish for around here. Which it is. And he left happy. but Never again will I do that .