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WT Mount 1st Critique

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by mathewstax, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. mathewstax

    mathewstax Don Enrique Ranch

    Be easy, but honest

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  2. mathewstax

    mathewstax Don Enrique Ranch

    trying to add more pics

  3. Its a little crooked, can you level it up some? :D

    What kind of hanger did you use?
  4. Yea he's a little lop sided lol
  5. It's the new 90 degrees from WASCO! LOL!!!!
  6. It's late at night. He plobably was laying in bed and took the pics. LOL!!
  7. I fixed them for you.

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  8. J Cook

    J Cook Cook Taxidermy

    what jumps out at me is too much bottom lip.
  9. wetandwild

    wetandwild New Member

    Without closeups that's all I see, bottom lip.

    Where was that pic taken at? My house?


    We share the same taste in wall color. :D
  10. mathewstax

    mathewstax Don Enrique Ranch

    keep it white and simple, it's easy to cover that way
  11. Did you carve out the nose at all? It looks pretty shallow.
  12. mathewstax

    mathewstax Don Enrique Ranch

    Yeah i carved it out a little and then colored it back in after drying. do you think it should have been deeper?
  13. Well its too hard to tell on these pictures, are you going to any shows?

    You can stop by our booth if you are and I could show you a few things.

    I dont know, I can only guess that it is a little shallow, so yeah I would say to take it back in more.