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Salting a cape

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by bannerman, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. bannerman

    bannerman New Member

    Is it absolutely not necessary to salt a cape before using Krowtann? Or would it still be a safe bet to do it anyway?
  2. There is no need to salt a cape when using Krowtann. Once you have everything turned and split and the large chunks of meat removed, you can put the raw unsalted hide directly into the Krowtann.

    Krowtann will almost immediatly set the hair.

    If the hair is still tight but the cape is smelling badly Krowtann will save the cape.

    I had a cape last week that smelled bad really bad, if I had taken the time to split and turn everything I am sure it would have slipped. So I mixed a batch of KT and thawed the cape in the KT. two days later I split the cape out of and its fine.

    If there are any questions on KT I will answer them in a PM.

    I have given Krowtann several years of testing everything from Bear hides, boar capes every haired or furred animal. fox, bobcat, fisher, coyotes.. Pretty well know the ins and outs of Krowtann.

    I have not done ANY AFRICAN GAME with Krowtann and will not. a wet tan from a tannery is the best bet on African game.

    If the hair is loose, it is to late to sacve the cape.

  3. bannerman

    bannerman New Member

    thanks for the info.