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Damaged or Not

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by toolgnomb, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. toolgnomb

    toolgnomb Hello all I am TOOLGNOMB

    When an animal say a deer, is hit with a vehicle and killed can the cape still be used to mount? Obviousely some will have road / vehicle damage that is visible. If not can the specimen be used without loss of hair or any other issues. I realize that there would be a time scenario but optimally can it bee done with no consequences.
  2. sean997

    sean997 Member


  3. Yes As long as its Legal, Fresh and Not totally road rashed and busted up there should be no problems when mounting.
  4. mathewstax

    mathewstax Don Enrique Ranch

    yes, i've done it recently. No problems as long as you know what your getting.
  5. well here we have to call the game warden and they just ask where it is and if it's male or female, most times they will come out there and give you a tag.
  6. dwstex38

    dwstex38 New Member

    In Texas its illegal too posses a deer that has been hit by a vehicle. New law last year.
  7. Judysan

    Judysan The Roadkill Queen

    In California, (most states I think) you have to have a Scientific Collection Permit for Salvage (or a 'tag' from game warden) to pick up road kill, but I think folks do it all the time anyway.
  8. camarogirl

    camarogirl Hunting is MURDER! Tasty, tasty murder. ~steak~

    Staring at a rack right now that I pulled off a (tagged) roadkill deer, cape is in the freezer, along with the back straps, hehe. A Civic in front of me hit the thing (I think the car got it worse then the deer did). Got permission to put the deer down from law enforcement, and got a salvage tag. Worked out great!!!
  9. heet

    heet New Member

    its the best way to get free whitetails here in ohio. we have a list at our sheriffs office and they call you when one gets hit and they give you a receipt and you just take the deer. ive got some nice bucks that way.
  10. toolgnomb

    toolgnomb Hello all I am TOOLGNOMB

    Thanks for the information. That is what i entend on doing getting on a list to get free specimens. i thought about even going to the local meet locker where most people have thier deer processed and see if i can get some non vehicle colisions the same way. I was realy unsure if tissue damage caused by an accicdent would cause hair loss or something else.

    :) ;D
  11. toolgnomb

    toolgnomb Hello all I am TOOLGNOMB

    wow i can't type / spell !!!!!