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another triple thick tragedy

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by snagmaster49, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. i was all done painting my replica walleye iwent out and bought some krylon triple thick i put a light coat on then went upstairs to eat lunch when i came make downstairs there was cloudy milky spots on the fish so i sprayed some more on and the cloudy spots were still there i tried to wipe with laquer thinner and a rag but still the spots stayed so i gave up and whited the fish out a day of trial and error frustration i have some old fish that were going in the garbage now i know what they will be used for practice practice ;)
  2. TomL

    TomL New Member

    You could try blowing some low heat over that area with a hair dryer. Don't go too hot though. This should clear it up.

  3. i tried the hairdryer but still did nt work trial and error i guess is the only way to go
  4. bear_country01

    bear_country01 Active Member

    OK you used the Krylon Triple thick gloss , The ACETONE in the gloss ate your paint. If possible try and find some gloss coating that don't have that crap in it. ACETONE is nothing more then finger nail polish. If you can't find it,wait 8 hours after you painted your fish then spray a light coat on it. Do this 3 times after. Hope you don't have to start over.
  5. the fish had been painted for a week i ve seen others on here use triple thick i assumed it was all the same i had used other types of gloss to seal in my powders maybe the laquer gloss does nt mix with triple thick and yep i had to start over ill play around with the triple thick on old fish see if i can figure it out thanks for info
  6. This is not a Triple Thick tragedy, you were asking for problems when you decided to final gloss on top of other gloss you used to seal your powders.

    Be very careful about using one brand of gloss on top of another, some are incompatible.

    What type of gloss did you use to seal your powders.

    I have used triple thick to seal powders and final gloss and used Rustoleum Speciality Lacquer to do the same but never mixed them.

    Both Triple Thick and Rustoleum Speciality Lacquer seem to be compatible with Gary Bowen's Super Fish Sealer. I use this most often to seal my powders and then gloss with TT or Rustoleum, I prefer the Rustoleum.
  7. just fish i used watco laquer i got at my local hardware store i have or had a bad case of mixing different kinds but with this last problem and your great info i will stick with one kind thanks again
  8. Just Fish is absolutely right, I personally learned this the hard way. Mixing two diffrent glosses can be disastrous. I currently use Triple Thick and on occasion have cloudy patches but I live in the South and weather is usually the cause. When this occurs I put the fish in front of a fan on low over night and by morning it's clear and ready for the next coat. I have never had a problem with TT that wasn't my fault.
  9. kazo

    kazo New Member

    Something similar happened to me when I used gloss in spray can the whole fish turned white. I didn't shake the can well . Had to take all the gloss of with aceton and lacquer thinner . shacked the can well and glossed and it was O.K.
  10. nez

    nez New Member

    many times the white patches that occur after clear coating are due to trapping moisture under the fast drying clear coats. The I have used a dehumidifier to remedie the problem with good success.