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quick bluegill drawing

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by BVanKirk, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    5x7 graphite on bristol, trying to get better with scales

  2. Wolfwoman

    Wolfwoman $90 for your fur made into trapper hat or mitts!

    How long does it take you to sketch something like that? Very nice :)

  3. Nina Lukaszewicz

    Nina Lukaszewicz Outdoor Dreams Taxidermy

    sweet drawing Bailey
  4. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    lunch break + a day or so of down time at work... around 4 hours
  5. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    nice drawing, it amazes me how you people can sketch something real "quick" but if i tried to draw something like that it would take me my whole life, and it still wouldn't be good, haha good job
  6. Manny

    Manny New Member

    Great job !!
  7. That is cool!
  8. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

  9. Great work. Myself, I have a rough time with stick figures. ;D
  10. RumRunner

    RumRunner Nicholas Dugas, (337) 205-1269

  11. rob.s

    rob.s New Member

    Outstanding drawing !!
  12. Derrin

    Derrin New Member

    Can I have it?? haha
  13. Nice work bailey :)
  14. That's tight kid......... I enjoy your graphite drawings!
  15. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    I am envious that you have that much time to draw, LOL. I have not had any time at all to work on the bear picture. But this coming week it is going to be all hell breaking loose. I will have about three day's to paint. So I see some stuff getting finished.
  16. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    haha thats not a lot of time to draw, i get a 30 minute lunch break and i dont eat lunch because i get all sleepy , its hard getting much done in that amount of time because i keep checking the time over and over to keep from clocking in late
  17. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    That's what I'm stressing! I don't even have that much time, LOL. I am going to have surgery this coming week on my right hand so I will be down for a short. I plan on painting during that time, LOL.
    Maybe I can do some pencil work too while I am down. I use to do complete drawings in like one hour with a lot of detail. I miss alot of that. Maybe I can rekindle that this coming week.
  18. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    As a rule I don't drink anymore, but tonight I think I am going to work on this picture!

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