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Did I screw up??

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Daniel Atkins, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Daniel Atkins

    Daniel Atkins New Member

    I had a beaver hide I had fleshed and dried in a hoop stretcher. I fleshed it on the beam and then run it under the wire wheel. Today when I took it down it felt alittle thick and was like a sheet of plywood so I took out the drimmel tool ( don't own a good flesher) and started in on it.Usually that doesn't bother me because I put it in a willow hoop and put it on the wall but I want to tan this one to use as a throw on the couch. I took it down until I came to a brown layer. I have a tanning video and chemicals that will more than likely be here tomorrow and should have waited but I was bored. How badly did I screw up? Should I have left it where it was?
  2. cold trapper

    cold trapper age 15 a trapperman w/7 prime rats!

    you'll probably be ok with this hide. but life is to short for such follys as this sort of behavior. ;) ;)