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LS blackbuck, impala, other stuff

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sevenmag, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. sevenmag

    sevenmag New Member

    I have a frozen green lifesize blackbuck skin, 4-5Yr old with 16" horns, 5 1/4" bases, dark color, cased skinned from just below hocks, app. 10" splits behind fron knees, feet and head intact. $275 plus ship
    Lifesize east african impala ewe, cased same as blackbuck, frozen green. Both are perfect skins with no holes. $250 plus ship or make offer on both.
    Also have several bushpig and warthog capes, all dry tanned. $100 @ plus ship
    Eland cape, dry tanned, $200 plus ship
    Black wildebeast, dry tanned $150 plus ship.
    Red stag cape, green perfect color and hair, $100 plus ship
    Jackal lifesize, tanned $150 plus ship
    Lots of other stuff, just not inventoried for sale.
  2. sent pm on eland and jackal

  3. Jims Wildlife Studio

    Jims Wildlife Studio Full Time PA Taxidermist

    Email sent
  4. interested in jackal and black wildebeast. Harry 530-273-6745
  5. mob county grannie

    mob county grannie Where wildlife is an artform.

    pm sent
  6. Docbill

    Docbill New Member

    Do you still have the Red Stag Cape?
  7. hcrystal25

    hcrystal25 New Member

    i am sorry what is a pm?
  8. It is a personal message. At the top of the screen your screen name will be highlighted and underlined if u click on that it is an inbox for messaging members. On another note u wouldn't be interested in selling the blackbuck as a shoulder mount instead of a lifesize would ya? Thanks and good luck, jess sifford
  9. Wapiti Ridge

    Wapiti Ridge New Member

    You said you had other items. Would you happen to have a caracal or serval life size? Thanks MJ
  10. 22roadrunner

    22roadrunner New Member

    i was told you can get almost any skin what i am looking for is a african wild cat and a hoeny badger and what the price would be going to make open mouth rug even if they are already ruged can you help or point me to some one who can thank you dusty