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there is always that one person

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by imdreemer, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. imdreemer

    imdreemer New Member

    this is my first year, i have just finished up 10 shoulder mounts for the season (2 were straight on mounts).Everything was good until this one costumer said ,it was good until i had it on the wall now i don't like the ears. when he dropped it off he didn't want the ears back or forward, he wanted them in between, OK whatever. my opion he got what he ordered. when he came back to discuss it he brought it back and wanted me to eat the labor and redo his mount. i know I'm female but I'm not stupid. is this going to be an every year task?
  2. First you are in the wrong place to ask this question. NExt is just place several towels and make them very wet and bag the head. then change the ear position in a couple days when the clay in the ear butts is soft.

    You did what he ask, hell no dont eat the labor and remount it.