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Lifesize forms without hides pics

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by [email protected], Feb 13, 2010.

  1. really nice to see. I give all credit on wrapping bodies. Great detail and pose!
  2. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Amy has some skills, nice work.

  3. MallardsFowlLife

    MallardsFowlLife Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to start my next convention piece. I had a buddy bring me this hog skull over a year ago from a 350+ boar and I had no idea what to do with it. Turns out that the coyote puppy fits his front legs around the top of the skull like he was made to play on it. I have since modified the form to fit. Had to cut 1.5" out of length and 1" from girth.
  4. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    My first male lion!!! Prefit revealed form was too small by several inches.... Length, girth, changeout head. I'm pretty happy with it! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

  6. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    big cat with a big mane
  7. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Nice Ryan
  8. KEVIN T.

    KEVIN T. patience...........

    WOW....This is like having a whole book on "How to Alter All Your Forms". Thank You Everyone.................
  9. marking
  10. Heres my contribution, just finished this, altered from closed mouth.

  11. akvz

    akvz New Member

    Very impressive, I like the muscles above the eye and that you included their stressed position. The eyes themselves are also some of the best claywork I've seen on a coyote, they are clearly focused and shaped very well.

    I do feel like there are some minor issues with the snarl itself-- the muscles should bunch up on top of the snout, pulling the nose back and exposing the upper gums:


    There is not a lot of muscle at the edges of the mouth/lips, and instead most of the muscle pulling will be on top of the snout and closer to the whisker pad, rather than in the cheek. I think if you have a chance to dissect a raw coyote skull, you should, and take note of how all of the muscles work together and where and what they pull on.

    Sorry for the unwarranted critique, it's just something that popped out at me and I think a few minor adjustments under the skin could really make your coyote mounts world-class level. :)
  12. cameron2

    cameron2 Member

    Lot of work left but its coming along. Desert Bighorn/Bobcat

  13. AKVZ,
    the ref pic I used was not that of an aggressive snarl.
  14. marking
  15. charlieo

    charlieo New Member

  16. Glass eye

    Glass eye Active Member

    Not lifesize and not quite a rug shell. Customer wants his dog to be a rug without liner, just tanned. And he wants to be able to wear it on his head. :eek:

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  17. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    W T H
  18. Glasseye, please post pics of that when finished! I did something similar a couple years ago as a pedestal. It was weird but enjoyed working on it anyway.
    Here are the pics:

  19. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I've done pets before, including skulls and just hides of pets, but I think Glasseye just got the weirdest customer award.
  20. I made a wolf hat like that for a customer once, and I thought that was weird. This edges over that line towards creepy.
    "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" :p