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Lifesize forms without hides pics

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by [email protected], Feb 13, 2010.

  1. zmia

    zmia ozzie, ozzie, ozzie........

    looks ok to me, if you dont wont it ill have it.............HAHA!!! good job.
  2. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. Tongo, the best dog in the world. (Saarloos)

    Thanks! And if it was mine, I'd let you have it :D lol!

  3. ReporterSr

    ReporterSr If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

    Aw-w-w-w! A cute little guy. He really does look alive. Good work, Daniel.
  4. Mink

    Mink New Member

    I finally have something interesting to contribute--A future competition mount! This was an old D. Chase raccoon form that I've had laying around forever. I finally decided to put it to use for next years "raccoon contest" at our state competition (I know its risky using a form that old and that bad, but I figured it'd be worth a shot, if I altered it) I will also re-sculpt the head, use an artificial nose, and reduce the size of those enormous eye sockets!

    And yes, the finished mount will be holding that Sprite can! :)

    First stages of altering:

    And this is where I'm at now with it.

    This is what the form started out as:
  5. ReporterSr

    ReporterSr If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

    Excellent work, everyone!!
  6. huntiholic

    huntiholic Member

    lol i want to see finished pictures of that coon .... looks good
  7. RumRunner

    RumRunner Nicholas Dugas, (337) 205-1269

    WillinghamsTaxidermy, like the coon. my dentist wants me to mount one similar to that, but with it drinking a bottle of Jack D ;D
  8. Mink

    Mink New Member

    I'll be sure post pictures of the coon when he's done. It'll probably be a while before I can get to it, but the competiton's in February so it'll definitely be done well before then. I'm certainly not going to wait till the last week before the show to finish my comp. mounts like I did this year--Talk about stress!!
  9. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    Willingham, if you have that much time to spare, do yourself a favor and cut off that ridiculous looking head! Raccoon do not have giant eye sockets like that. I think WASCO sells one or two, and I know McKenzie has change outs. Then you'll have a better chance of creating a good looking Raccoon face! ;) Good luck to you!

  10. Mink

    Mink New Member

    I know what you mean about the head, it looks pretty much hideous! I was going to just try and shave down the edges of those eye sockets and do some resculpting, but I think it will be easier and more efficient to get a replacement head like you suggest, especially since this is for a competition.

    I don't know why they put such big eye sockets on that form to begin with. The actual animal before I skinned it had about 12mm eyes, but I measured the sockets on that form out of curiosity, and they were a full 20mm! Just plain wrong!
  11. Bump to get it started again....
  12. post more please please please
  13. Sashakittythegreat

    Sashakittythegreat Beginner Taxidermist(2 mounts down)

  14. good job on the beaver Daniel
  15. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. Tongo, the best dog in the world. (Saarloos)

    Thanks Mr. Callan :)

    Just to get this moving again, here's a fox I recently put together. The customer insisted on this pose so I altered a grey fox form to a red fox. He liked it a lot, and now I just have to do the finish work and habitat. Then I get to start on the second one he brought me :D! This guy is a sniper with a bow, lol!


    Attached Files:

  16. Mink

    Mink New Member

    Here's the finished coon. I completed it a while ago, just forgot to post the picture. I have since added candy wrappers and such around where he's sitting -- like he got into somebody's junk food and enjoyed every minute of it!

    He's going to the competition next weekend. I'll post more pics after I get back!

  17. Nice fox
  18. zmia

    zmia ozzie, ozzie, ozzie........

    Nice fox and coon Daniel. I always admire your work. Well done mate!
  19. I love the pose Daniel. Your alteration work is perfect! ;)
  20. RTtaxidermy

    RTtaxidermy My Daughters Elk

    Very cool Post lets keep it going