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Wanted to share this.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Scott Musgrave, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Scott Musgrave

    Scott Musgrave Little Wildcat Creek Taxidermy, Sharpsville, IN.

    Customer came in about 5 months ago to check out shop and my work. He stated that his son had just killed a nice 1st Buck, (Early Season in Northern Indiana/Michigan Border) and was thinking of having me mount it. Before Leaving, he ask me what I thought about another Taxidermist and Friend (Neil Fowler). I was very honest with him and told him, I thought he was the Best in the State and has many National Titles. ( I called Neal to see if he got the job, he said they never showed up.) They left and I did not here from him until yesterday. He calls and says, he is on his way with the Deer for me to mount. He shows up with a Frozen Bagged Deer.. You all know that this is scary because you can not inspect it. I find out he got Lime Desease from a tick. I can only imagine that it came from this Deer. It's covered with dead ones. However, I wanted to share pics of the excellent caping job he did, I have never received one with such a great job in Field Care.

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  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    AS always, wear gloves and if there are still ticks crawling around on it, place it in a bag and spray the cape with bugstop. That will kill anything alive on the cape.

  3. Its a nice deer would definitely wear gloves
  4. jeffritchie

    jeffritchie New Member

    I run into this once or twice a year. I always keep enough room in one of the freezers to put the deer in. Leave it in there for 3 days. I always wear rubber gloves when skinning anything. I'll try Matt's advice using bug stop.
  5. #1 headhunter

    #1 headhunter New Member

    Lyme Disease is serious. I would cut off horns and use a replacement cape, and throw away that cape before it thaws out. He will have to understand.
  6. It can take years for Lyme disease to show up. He could have had it long before this deer was taken. Gloves and care are all you need, no need to wast the cape.
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Can lyme disease be transmitted by a dead frozen tic???
  8. It has been frozen for 5 months. Why the hell would you throw out the cape? The ticks are dead and not capable of transmitting Lymes. And yes I take Lymes serious - I have had it 3 times.

  9. nitt

    nitt Member

    I think the cape is fine dont throw it out like suggested thats just silly I work with these little buggers all the time up here in wisconsin even worse on all the bears I get in I check myself daily during the season n always try to freeze the animal the rethatw n flesh
  10. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    Why are we talking about ticks? The point of the post wasn't the ticks or Lyme's Disease...it was field care. :-\ Scott was typing with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.
  11. deerhunterdon

    deerhunterdon New Member

    And yes I take Lymes serious - I have had it 3 times. hey Bucknut, I didnt think you could get rid of lyme disease? My neighbor has it and has flare ups all the time, developed heart problems lung problems all kinds of things. Maybe it was undetected for a while.?
  12. Scott Musgrave

    Scott Musgrave Little Wildcat Creek Taxidermy, Sharpsville, IN.

    Your are spot on Trica, I'm just about done with the cape and I must say it is a delight to have someone bring a cape in, In such great shape.

  13. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    yep, I imagine you were just THRILLED. That cape is just lovely, wish all of mine were that impressive. LMAO ;) :D

    Right now I'm just relieved that I DID understand the topic, I thought twice before posting because I thought maybe I was reading you wrong and everyone else saw something I didn't. Doubt, it's an artist's worst enemy. :-\
  14. Scott Musgrave

    Scott Musgrave Little Wildcat Creek Taxidermy, Sharpsville, IN.

    You are on the money! How did you know, how I was holding my tongue anyway?
  15. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    Little birdy told me. LOL
  16. tjaxtax

    tjaxtax New Member

    Go ahead and split the brisket about a foot or so and cut half of the armpit off. Sure dont need to get spoiled with that nice of a cape job. :D ;D ;D