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What's on your workbench?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Waterfowler, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. capnmike

    capnmike New Member

    Couple turkeys just put together.

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  2. 689

    689 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Turkeys and Dead mount..lil budge for me..turned out better than it looked when i got it..lol..:/...never give up even if it looks like crap frozen..


  3. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Cindy, those are awesome! So little!
  4. cat , tomorow put some pins in .

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  5. Glass eye

    Glass eye Active Member

    Great job on the cat.
  6. 689

    689 Well-Known Member

    Ok.this is my first mallard..and i thought teal ripped easy,man..

  7. wilcox1088

    wilcox1088 Active Member

  8. dplais7124

    dplais7124 Active Member

    I'm new to birds. These are my 4th, 5th and 6th birds.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member



    Little out of my comfort zone.
  10. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    I had to walk away from grooming. My eyes started getting blurry from all the breast feather bars.

  11. igor

    igor Member


    Working on Victorian style display with African birds . The mural will be there and more birds after my trip to Tanzania
  12. Looks good DL, I coul see going cross eyed after working on him for a bit.

    Igor, that scene is stunning. I think it would be great to see more displays like that.
  13. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    I don't know how you guys do these little guys. I guess it's all about repetition. This is the smallest I've done. It's a Western kingbird. What I find challenging is to get proper grooming when the feathers are mostly the same color. Birds with different markings on their feathers seem easier . Snow geese also give me fits trying to see each individual feather in an all white bird.
  14. Hi everyone,
    Here's my first picture of common pochard, hope I'm gonna make it ;)

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  15. and another one

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  16. Wildthings

    Wildthings Well-Known Member

    Very nice LTB
  17. very nice and clean work LTB, unusual on forum, but so natural pose for this duck.

    Good job, Florian
  18. rai_red

    rai_red Active Member

    Didn´t have a look so often the last time but recognized some beautiful mounts today.
    Dave, nice job on your owl and I believe you, that you had problems with your eyes
    Igor, that scene is fantastic and I am very sorry, that I am not able to see all the details on each bird
    LTB, welcome to the forum and great start with a beautiful drake common pochard, they are wintering in my hunting area not every year but I am very happy for each one I can get on the hunt,

  19. Thanks Rainer, Florian and Wildthings, common pochards and tufted ducks are one of my favorite to mount ;D
  20. I was almost happy with this one. Especially since it was hammered. [​IMG]