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Wiring Bear Claws

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by David Patton, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. This was originally posted in the old forums and lost in the transition. The request was made to repost this information. Ken has said that the new forums will be cleaned of all useless banter and all informative discussions will be archived. I will try to list any information by subject matter for easy searching if it is kept for archives.

    George Roof posted a Happy Hour question in the old forums dealing with wiring bear claws for the tannery. Some of the responses were cable ties for the whole foot, over and under continuous wire through all claws and plastic ties through the claws.

    The recommended method is to drill a small hole through the core of the claw right at the hairline and run the wire through the hole. Twist the wire on the individual claw, cut the wire, and turn it down to prevent the sharp end from injuring the tannery worker. This method of wiring the individual claws will insure the return of your bear claws.

    A second method that will work is to run a continuous wire through all five claws. While it is true that it works, it is often the contributor to shaving damages around the toes when the paw is turned inside out for shaving. The wire pushes against the hair side creating a hard tension that will result in a hole when the knife is passed over it.

    A third method that is effective is to cable tie the entire foot. This will work also, but sometimes a tannery worker may remove the ties in an effort to clean up the paw pad and toes. Even if the taxidermist has included specific instructions not to remove the ties, the instructions from the packing slip may not filter down to the wet/dry/shaving rooms in the operation.

    To better insure the return of your bear claws, wire all large black bears, grizzly, Russian brown, and Kodiak claws. The tannery will often wire them and charge you even if it is not requested.
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    Good advice Dave! You get a gold star!