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WI- who's going to the competition next weekend?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by ladyarcher726, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    just wondering who I may run into at the deer classic and in the seminars! Please don't be hurt if I don't recognize your face, just let me know you're from the forum! I can picture a few faces but can't put names to them. My husband is going to the banquet with me this year, and I might even be at the chili dinner friday, but I can't say for sure.

    I'm entering two mounts in the open division so that I can get the critiques, but I've been told that I'm brave for skipping the commercial division when this is my first time entering... hope I don't end up in tears! lol! Na, I do want to learn, I know I have room for improvement, thing is I need a little direction and advice on what that is and what I can do.

    So who's going?
  2. Dark Man

    Dark Man Well-Known Member

    I'll be at the show on Saturday,don't have any piees to put in it thou.what are tyou entering to be judged?

  3. I'll be there- haven't decided if I'm entering anything yet, though!
  4. red oak

    red oak New Member

    I'll be there too
  5. jls

    jls Member

    See you there, I started in the open divsion also this is my third year. Great place to learn commercial doesn't get any critiques so you don,t really know what you did right or wrong. got 5 pieces entered this year, must have felt ambitious. can't wait to get there it is a great time.
  6. see you on Saturday, I,ve never been to a competition before so I am excited to look around and learn what I can. Maybe in a year or two I will get brave enough to enter a piece or two also.
  7. I was planning on heading up tomorrow (Friday) and staying through Saturday but I'm sick as a dog. I think I've got strep throat or something. As long as I get better tomorrow, I plan on being there Saturday. What a total bummer! :(
  8. 10PTBUCK

    10PTBUCK Member

    I will be there all weekend both seminars on sat am & maybe fri pm @ chili supper see you all there ;D
  9. crankin

    crankin New Member

    i was up there today and will be back on sat. and sunday as well as at the banquet

    p.s. yes you do get a critique in commercial just not as detailed and its judged from 5 feet away
  10. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    well it's friday, and it's all over but the cryin'! I'm a nervous wreck as I sit here watching the clock. I was thinking that I may get a 2nd and 3rd, now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get 3rds on both... oh I don't want an honorable mention. I entered a fisher and a coyote, both full mounts. The fisher is a walking down pose and the coyote is standing. This is the first time that I have mounted either species. My confidence has just tanked, there are some awesome mounts there this year!
    I keep telling myself that a: I am sooo very new to this, only doing it for two years, so of course my work can improve! b: I am going to LEARN!, and c: it's supposed to be fun... I think?

    see ya there! Leslie, hope you're feeling better!
  11. Thanks hun, I actually am starting to feel better and plan on leaving bright and early tomorrow morning so I can be there for the Mammals Seminar at 8am. :)

    I'm sure you did great, can't wait to see all the beautiful mounts and I'm super excited to get one or two things mounted up for competition next year! :D

    Yay! See everyone tomorrow!
  12. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    hey Leslie! glad to hear you're feeling better, if I wake up I'll see you at the 8:00! There will be a lot of hang-overs I'm thinking, judging was brutal this year. Saw lots of mounts with no ribbons at all, and I feel lucky that my fisher got an H.M.... better than nothing at all.
  13. i was hoping to meet a few people from taxi net here but i guess theres always next year my nerv'es were getting to me as well ,i will say i did very well, i placed third in masters with a 3/4 lifesize wolf the upset was i missed a first place finish with the wolf because of the presentation of the rock it was not in purportion with the wolf and he would of liked my nasel interior a different hue of color more flesh colored and then i placed a second in open with a whitetail deer and a third with a bass i hope you all did well and learned alot all i have to do now is change a few things on the wolf and then i will be national bound doug
  14. Jason O

    Jason O Active Member

    nice job on your fisher ladyarcher,where was the coyote ,and how did you do ,i just dont remember seeing it.
    good luck next year with the porky
  15. ladyarcher726

    ladyarcher726 2012: 1st & best of category

    thank you Jason! The coyote was right in front of the fisher, to the right of that awesome wolverine! Here's a pic:

  16. Jason O

    Jason O Active Member

    boy i just dont remember seeing the yote,,great job keep it up.