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Van Dykes - McKenzie

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Albie, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Albie

    Albie Member

    Anyone know? Does McKenzie own Van Dyke now too? I was looking at my credit card statement and it shows "Van Dyke - McKen" for Van Dyke purchases.
    Little Al

  2. whitetailgirl25

    whitetailgirl25 Bag'em & Tag'em ♥

    Customers will be able to order Van Dyke's products through McKenzie starting May 1st
  3. you look in the catolog and the already carry some van dykes stuff in the new catalog
  4. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Man, that's news to me!!
  5. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    Are you guys sure of this, i have not heard of this before..Next thin you know, Mckenzie will be buying out Rinehart ::)
  6. I didn't get the email. :eek:
  7. meopilite

    meopilite New Member

    McKenzie OWNS Van Dykes.
  8. JBuresh@ICT

    [email protected] Turkey Creek Furs and Wildlife Studio

    We were told about the buyout clear back in sept when we went to the mckenzie warehouse to pick up mannikins. Not sure yet if this a good thing or not. Guess we will see in the next couple years.
  9. Gary A

    Gary A N. West Taxidermy 208-404-9706

    Elimination of competiton (monopoly) is never good for the consumer. gary
  10. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    Mckenzie = Van Dykes, Rinehart, etc.,etc....

    I was looking on the bottom of all my order magazines last night, Mckenzie is on the bottom front cover of most of them...
  11. I placed an order yesterday and asked them myself, until may you still have to order through VanDykes. After that Mckenzies will have the inventory codes set up to order directly through them.
  12. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    For those of you who have either been hibernating or in a comma the last few months, it's TRUE and guess what, since McKenzie took ownership, VanDykes shipping is now Lightening FAST!!!!
  13. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Little Al, Have you been asleep for months?
  14. Geez Michael, if you'd ever spent some time in your shop instead of running through the cornfield birthday suit style with Tommy Boy Voyer you'd be up to date on the industry news. ROFLOL
  15. Silverose01

    Silverose01 Proud member of LTBBOI

    I ordered a package a while ago and it took two weeks to get to me :(
    Musta just been a glitch lol
  16. When I order from Van Dyke's I get it in 1-2 days via Speedy Delivery, but I am not that far from South Dakota. It says on the invoice Van D-McKen.
  17. RTtaxidermy

    RTtaxidermy My Daughters Elk

    I just placed an order through McKenzie's at the Michigan show and ordered some Vandykes stuff through him to. They do own them
  18. Wow, noone to compare prices with pretty soon, I assure you it isnt good for us, convernient now, but customers will pay only so much for a mount and the high materials cost will just be cutting into our profits. Doesn't Mckenzie now claim they make little to no profit?? We know whats coming.......
  19. whitetailgirl25

    whitetailgirl25 Bag'em & Tag'em ♥

    As of right now you can order some of Van Dyke's eye selections & their fleshing machines through McKenzie. May 1st you will be able to order all Van Dykes products through McKenzie. Van Dykes customer service & shipping will GREATLY improve with the big switch! I mean, who doesn't love those southern girls at McKenzie! You know they'll take care of ya!

    Prices may have went up but prices are going up everywhere else too... gas, Wal-mart, McDonalds!! But I'll tell you one thing, McKenzie is very grateful for & to their customers. Customer service is the number one reason why McKenzie is now the "big dog"... you can bet I'll pay a couple extra dollars just to have the BEST customer service experience & guaranteed quickest delivery on all my taxidermy supplies. :)

    Just throwin that out there... you don't have to throw it back ;D