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PTA Feedback........(long winded, sorry)

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Bob Evans, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. As a brand new member of the PTA, and also, the first time I have ever attended a show, I would like to give my perspective as a first timer. I was fortunate enough to meet Dave Houser at the Harrisburg Sportsman show, my 12 year old son Zach and I stood around Dave's table for multiple hours, watching him mount a duck. It turns out, although I am a couple of years older than Dave, we know some of the same people. When we arrived at the check in hallway on Thursday, I saw Dave, and felt more comfortable, as I am kind of shy, and felt more at ease already meeting Dave. Every person I met from the PTA that were Directors, and volunteers, were incredibly nice, and friendly, and made us feel welcomed. Having the show at Seven Springs was AWESOME, as I was able to bring my wife and son, and it was a win win situation for me. I was able to spend every single minute I possibly could at the seminars, trade show and competition room when it was open, and they were over whelmed with the choices of activities of things to do. The room was AWESOME, looking right out at the ski slope. The seminars were AWESOME, i had a really tough time trying to decide which ones to go to, as the choices were phenomanal!! at the dinner table tonight, we are all just sitting here talking about the weekend, wishing it wasn't over. All three of us just keep saying "wow, that was so fun".........!! The long winded part is that I would like to share two stories from the weekend, that wouldn't have occurred if I would have let another year pass by without joining the PTA, and going to the show.

    #1) Saturday morning at the Ed Piaskowski whitetail finishing seminar, I was sitting there feeling a little drowsy from the late night, and early wake up, waiting for the seminar to start, and I noticed a shirt that a guy two rows in front of me had on, his taxidermy business name embroidered on the back. It was called Spirit of the Wild, and I was thinking about the Ted Nugent song with the same name. Later in the day, as I was walking to the end of the line, waiting to go in to the competition room, I saw the back of the shirt again, so as I passed by, I looked at his name tag wondering if I may know him from this site.......I saw that he was from my hometown in Harrisburg, so I looked his name tag, and by damned, it was a friend of mine that I graduated high school with in 1986, and we haven't seen each other since then, losing contact as usually happens. We got to catch up, and talked about all kinds of stuff, but the one thing I didn't get to say, was Thank you Rich for your over 20 years of service to our country, and multiple deployments over seas, I thank you, and thank GOD that you are home, and able to enjoy taxidermy, the funny part is, he is on this site, and although I use my real name as my user name, it just never clicked.

    #2) As I mentioned earlier, Dave Houser was introducing us to people, and within 15 minutes of getting checked in, we were introduced to a gentleman and his wife from TEXAS. I was hoping to meet this guy at the show from being on here on taxidermy.net. My son had an instant fascination with this character, and soon after had a pal for the weekend, they went tubing, and my son got to help him with the final grooming on his Presidents Cup Challenge, with my son being sent on a covert mission to sneak my wife's hair dryer out of the room for final "fluffing". We sat with this guy and his wife, and Bailey and her husband James at the awards party Saturday night. During the auction, this gentleman bought two revolution whitetail forms on free standing mounts. At the end of the party, this said TEXAN walks up to my son, and gives him one of his forms that he just bought, with the promise that he returns next year with a junior armature whiteail mount. My wife and I were floored at the generosity of someone we just met two days prior, and I want to thank MICHAEL P. for lighting a spark in my son, that I have been hoping for!!! HE WANTS TO START ON THE DARN THING TONIGHT!! It was really great meeting you and Miranda, and we haven't had that much fun in a long time!!!!

    Overall, we had an incredible time, we will be back no matter what, but would be perfectly happy if you didn't change a thing!! Thank you to everyone that made this show happen, you and your spouses deserve a HUGE round of applause. Anyone reading this from PA, that isn't a member of the PTA, or other states as well should join, you don't know what you are missing!!
  2. Nice post Bob! And nice job Dave H and Mike P. That's just what we need in this industry.


  3. #1 Stunna

    #1 Stunna New Member

    Bob, it was great meeting you, Michelle, and Zac...That is the best thing about the PTA show is meeting great people like you guys, the camarederie and bonds that are formed at our show are priceless and lifelong friendships are made here. Lucky for Dave and I you guys actually live close! So hopefully we wont have to go a whole year before seeing you guys again!! I think its great that Zac now has that spark, and I cant wait to see the great piece of work he will bring to the show next year. And a HUGE KUDOS to you on your Best of Category win!!

    P.S. SOOOOOOO soooorrrrryyyyyy that an unmentionable had to run like the wind outta the bar last night, and we did not get the chance to say goodbye....:(

  4. Bob very well said!
    Everyone with the PTA was super helpful and the event was organized and well run. I really appreciated the family atmosphere, and of course the seminars were awesome! I had the same problem deciding which ones to go to.
    I would echo what Bob said, Thank you PTA for a GREAT show! I know many people put in a lot of hard work to pull off this great event and it is appreciated.

    Bob it was great meeting you, keep in touch.
  5. Brian Claar

    Brian Claar New Member

    Hey Bob, Thanks for the nice post. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the future.

    Dave Houser and MP are two of my closest friends, and they both give a lot to the taxidermy industry.

    I can't wait to see Zach's deer. Maybe we will see you at the Cabela's show this year.
  6. Hoss0902

    Hoss0902 I drink to make other people seem more interesting

    Bob it was very nice meeting you also. I can't wait to see everyone one again. Tell Shelly and Zach I said Hi.

    Thank you for a great show,

  7. BVanKirk

    BVanKirk package deal

    bob it was great getting to hang out with you guys, james and i are already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

    We had a killer time, and really cannot give enough praise to the PTA, it was a really great weekend!
  8. Dan

    Dan One Year Old Already!

    Nice to meet you there Bob. If you ever decide to hunt at your camp in Ridgeway, look up Tina and I, or stop out at Flickerwood Winery in Kane. They will know how to find us if we are not there.
  9. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Bob & Shelly, I want to start by saying that you have one of the most polite & respectful young men Miranda & I have had the pleasure of being introduced too. You 3 made our show twice as fun!!

    I can't wait till next year & I meant what I told Zac. I will fly up a couple of days early & explain to him how to do that rock for habitat & we can sit back and watch him do it. I won't touch it, I'll only explain it.....but he's a smart kid, he'll get it and he will rock it!!

    Usually if I am away from home a week or longer I am home sick, not this year, I wish I was still there with all of you!!

    How you like this crew! :)

  10. Dan, I was hoping to B.S. with you a little more afterwards, and then it got crazy getting the stuff out of there. My wife and I were talking about you guys on the way home, and were hoping to get in touch with you. We are definitely going to start going up to camp more often. It was great meeting you, theres never enough time to talk about hunting and taxidermy !!!

    michael p---he started tonight tyring to figure what rack, and cape he can use to get it started....Shelly and Zach talked all night long about how much fun they had, and especially the things they got to do with you guys, like the photo.......unfortunately I missed out on the fun you guys had tubing, but fortunately for me, I got to go to one of my long time idols, Ashley Barretts seminar, I wouldn't have missed that!!!! Shelly is "scared" of any photo's from the snow night that may show up, her panties may have been showing after getting dumped in the snow bank..........

    All of you guys were truly Awesome!!
  11. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    I thought I was one of your closest two friends! I guess it depends on who is picking you up at the airport! LOL Wish I could have been there. Will make it out there one of these years you can bet on that. Looks like you all had a mini World Show, maybe not so mini though. Hate to say it but, maybe next year? Later, Dan
  12. Steve W

    Steve W Member

    Looks like you guys a had a lot of fun with the tubes. I left the banquet early Saturday night to take my family up there. I promised my little girls we would go before we left, so our last chance was Saturday from 8-10pm. I'm glad we did, we had a blast.
    I'm sure my kids will never forget Seven Springs and all the snow. It was truly a winter wonderland!
    A big thumbs up to all involved, you did great.
  13. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I'd NEVER show a picture of Shelly's panties!!!!!!!

  14. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    Never???? ??? HMMMMM! ;)
  15. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    Pink with pokka dots all over.LMAO!!!!!!
  16. aspenangler@hotmail.com

    [email protected] B+______><(((°>______><(((°>

    I couldn't agree with you more Bob! It was a first class show all the way around. I hope to have an opportunity to meet alot more of you at next years show.
  17. Thanks for all the kind words Bob, and everyone that replied in kind!!!!!!!
    I'm sure everyone behind the scenes really appreciates it, I know I do, but ultimately the success of the show is a combined effort and it couldn't happen without great people like you showing up to help make it happen!! :D

    So that said... Thank You and your family for being there to share!! ;D
  18. Good post, Bob!

    It was good meeting and talking with you at the show.

    By the way, congrats on your blue ribbon mink! Post a pic for others to see!
  19. Lou

    Lou Modern day Mona Lisa :-)

    I'm with Michelle! It's all worth it when there's feedback like this. After watching folks laughing, catching up, learning, and meeting new people, it's a wonderfull feeling to be on a team of volunteers who put something like this together. There's NO WAY this could happen without the extraordinary teamwork of the PTA board, committee members, and mostly us, the PTA members!!! Ya'll are a great bunch of people!!!

    Silent Bob (who's spells his first name backwards),
    I'm glad I was able to meet you and your wonderful family! Thank you much for the kind words! I didn't know Zach was doin taxidermy?!?!?!? Shoot me a PM with your addy, I have somethin for him.

    OH BTW, nice panties Shelly! ;D
  20. Nice post,Bob.....it was a pleasure meeting you !!! Look forward to seeing you at the Ford Nat's in June at Carlisle. My thanks also for all that the PTA does every year with these shows.....great people,great Association.....well planned ,well organized and also a lot of fun...how often do you see that? Can't wait til next year.....miss hanging out with you all and i just got home....!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)