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1st Bird- Lets hear the good,bad and ugly please!

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by travis madden, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. travis madden

    travis madden New Member

    I finished my first duck this morning. I did not paint the bill or feet I wanted to focus on the actual mounting aspect first. Let me know what I can do better.
  2. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Please don't take what I am going to say defensively, but as help. I remember how hard my first was, and now you've made the leap.
    You need GOOD reference to start off with.
    The eyes are open too much, and and they look like they are too far forward on the head.
    The legs look like they need to be back a bit. It looks like you are using the wire to hold it up in the front. That usually means the wire used for the legs either wasn't secured good enough, or it wasn't a big enough gauge so the bird wants to fall forward.
    If you pull, or taxi the skin up the neck from the breast area you'll be able to get the side pockets where they belong in the front.
    And it needs more grooming.

  3. striker12

    striker12 Member

    I'm no pro but what i see is you need to close the eyes a bit the are the wings in the pocket enough the pic
    with a straight on shot looks like the right wing is sticking up some the same pic looks like the cheeks are uneven
    and the feet need to bent more looks to me its standing on its toes but I'm no expert just what i see
  4. Hoss0902

    Hoss0902 I drink to make other people seem more interesting


    he needs a lot of grooming.
    tuck the wings into the side pocket
    Taxi the skin up the neck/chest area
    do not hyper extend the knee of the bird
    his eye is to wide open
    ringnecks don't really stack their tails (cause they are divers) flatten the tail out.
    his eye set is off. and you shouldn't have to have a support wire in the belly of the the bird.

  5. schenk

    schenk Member

    Head looks uneven side to side on the frontal view. It don't match if that makes sense. You gotta start somewhere. Eyes are too big, reset if you can and pull the eye lids around the eye more to close it up.
    Keep working on him! And if its dry, just take all these notes for next time. Good luck.
  6. gadwig

    gadwig Member

    It doesn't appear to be cleaned/rinsed good enough. Feathers should be smooth. A good mount starts with proper degreasing, and lots of washing and rinsing. If not cleaned completely the whole mount will suck.
  7. travis madden

    travis madden New Member

    Thanks for the input it is greatly appreciated. I can say I have gained a new level of respect for true taxidermists. I have been messing with grooming for the last little while and the feathers do not seem to go smooth is this due to not a good enough job washing the bird?
  8. Hoss0902

    Hoss0902 I drink to make other people seem more interesting

    if they do not want to lay right, the feathers are out of place.

    for the side pocket feathers, start at chest, and lift the feathers and place each feather in order and stack them. It also looks like their are some feathers "trapped" under the wings. get them out.

    for the belly, take a stiff wire and back brush the feathers.

  9. GeorgiaCans

    GeorgiaCans New Member

    eyes are open too wide and the wing should be tucked in more with the side pocket feathers and the scapulars touching near the shoulder joint
  10. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Is that wire holding the duck up?
  11. travis madden

    travis madden New Member

    Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming it is helpful and appreciated.
  12. travis madden

    travis madden New Member

    No I just put it there to help support while I man handled it!