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Hellhound Sculpture- Completed

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by Knuxtiger4, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    I'm good with the eyes for now. But I think in the future I might need a set of yellow ones for a coyote skeleton I'm going to put together later in the year, but thanks for the offer Don. I'll definitely keep you in mine for the next project.
  2. ivywolf

    ivywolf New Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Looks like an amazingly creepy night light. I have some deer skulls I did almost the same to. Your project is so much bigger, and better though. I can't wait to see it complete.

  3. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    I've actually joked about it being the creepiest night light I could own. It will have a switch that flicks it on and off so it could function as one. =D

    And I might have the LEDs fixed tonight, if not maybe Monday?
  4. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Small update again. During the night, my dad want to see how the bugger was wired, brought him what was left of the wiring. Sadly one of the LEDs was damaged when it fell apart, but the other one worked. He's going to stop at Radio Shack tomorrow with new LEDs and the wiring and such. I don't have a clue when he'll get around to making the wiring. Maybe tomorrow or a few days from now. He also told me he'll help me set the skull in.

    We're going to clap it from an antler around the body in order to hold it, as well as the metal rod supporting it too. I'm not gluing the ribs and the rest of the vertebrate until the head is on, to prevent a risk of her tipping over and breaking the bones. I also need to fix the paw by get the hydrated a bit. She can't stand on her own once again as she is leaning on my old tv. I assuming the clay dired and didn't fix the balance problem. Since it is paper clay, a mere soaking should wet-ten it and I can fix them.

    College shouldn't be too rough this week with Easter approaching, I would imagine they wouldn't give us too much homework with all the folks going to church and such during the weekend. Aiming for maybe Wednesday or Friday unless Karma bites me in the butt and prevents me from getting her done.

    As promise, when progress is running again, photos will be up as usual.
  5. Helltigress

    Helltigress New Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Neat, marked!
  6. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    In the future, for the LEDs, you might want to check out www.superbrightleds.com - they are, as the name of the company says, really bright, and also come in some really trippy colors like teal, magenta and purple! Those last two colors are awesome to behold, much more so than typical red, yellow or greens usually available. The purple ones will set off anything that glows in the dark or in black light, so you could have some serious fun with them in a UV-reactive or GITD painted skull.
  7. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Schrecken, I'll keep this site in mind as well. I might not be doing any future projects with LEDs anytime soon, but if I'm looking for wacky colors like you said, they might be my choice. As of now, Mirage is getting red ones and then my next project is getting yellow ones, easy one to get. But will keep this site on my list.

    Also I love some of the stuff you had made, very cool. =)
  8. Re: Hellhound Sculpture


    During the night, Dad started with rewiring the LEDs. Right now they are drying in place inside the skull, we know they work, but the wiring isn't complete yet and the skull isn't glued on yet. Tomorrow he's going to finish the wiring and also help in gluing the skull. From there, I need to glue the vertes and ribs on and then she'll be done. Also to add, the lights are creepy in the dark to add. I'll update with photos tomorrow.

    And something I need help, she's still tipping over. :mad: She stays fine of flat surfaces, but elsewhere she won't. I would think to correct it would be to rehyrate the paws and adjust them, but after and hour spraying them with a squirt bottle, it didn't work, suggestions or idea please to correct it? Dad said to mount her on an oak panel, but I refuse since I want to to look alive and not something mounted on wood, no offense to taxidermy stands and such.
  9. Wolfwoman

    Wolfwoman $90 for your fur made into trapper hat or mitts!

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Mount her on a log that looks real.
  10. GreenBullhead

    GreenBullhead Peep peeep peep C:

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Not all stands make the animal look stiff.
  11. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    I don't think I could if I tried. I had remove the metal rods from her a while back and that I just don't have the time to make something to put her on. Like I said, I want her like she is because I want to be able to put her outside on the front lawn and see that she is real enough. I'll just have to find another way to fix the paws.
  12. Wolfwoman

    Wolfwoman $90 for your fur made into trapper hat or mitts!

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Well if you are going to have her in grass, you can always drive some stiff wire rods down thru her paws into the ground... just make sure you always use the same hole and you won't ruin it.
  13. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    A picture update!

    After dealing with some art thief this past few days, I got something done on old Mirage.

    So while I wait on my dad to finish the wiring on Mirage's head, I glued the vertebrates back in, as well as gluing the ribs on her too. Its really cool, she missing a rib on her left side, which gives her character if anything. What left to do is finish the wiring and gluing the skull in place. Aiming Sunday or Monday to have her complete and maybe mid week for some REALLY good photos of her outside.

    Here's the images:

    (Oh and my 12-pound cat Leo is there to show how big she is compared to him)

    I'm still in need of a way of solving the standing problem. Any way to fix the paws once they are on? Rehydrating?

    Also side note, I starting work on my werewolf costume this week, aiming to get it done by Friday night. I'll probably end up with scraps of a wallhanger pelt I bought. As of now, I do have a wallhanger coyote head that I'm probably going to sell if anyone is interested. I believe its missing lips, eyelids and the ears aren't turned. At best I have no clue what someone could use it for.
  14. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Nothing much of updating, still been waiting on dad to finish the eyes for me. Problem his he had a bad run in with some poison ivy last weekend. =/ Just to remind everyone, picture of her completed body are up as well.

    She might done this weekend, I'm not sure since I busy trying to finish my werewolf costume for a fair I'm going to this Saturday, but we'll see where it goes from there.
  15. ivywolf

    ivywolf New Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    She's lookin' awesome! I wish I could help with her standing problem, but I *just* barely started working with furred parts of animals. So, I know next to nothing on the topic. Anyway, can't wait to see her complete!
  16. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Well I'm trying to correct it, I successfully rehyrdated one paw today and currently fixing it up. I have to fix a few others and then hope she can stand this time. I still need to get the head on her.
  17. Gatorjaw

    Gatorjaw New Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    I like the demon cat with it! How much for the demon cat?
  18. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Lol, Leo isn't for sale, he just is there. ;D You won't want him, one of the dumbest cats I've had in years. You can look as his face and tell he is dumb. But he keeps me company when I'm working on projects like this and he kills any mice getting into the house. But hey, at least he isn't fat.

    ....I should make a demon cat as my next sculpture. >:D
  19. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    My...its been almost two weeks since I did anything to Mirage.

    Finals and such are coming up, so finding time is hard to get. Anyways, finally got dad to rewire during the night and now the lights are working a such. Sadly I could get the head on because once again she isn't standing, but at least I know which paw and just a matter of rehydrate it and readjust. I also need to take out a clay portion of the neck in order to put the wiring there to prevent another head/wire collapse. So if everything works out, tomorrow I'll be able to fix and hopefully dry the paw and maybe the head getting on around tomorrow night or Thursday night. Final adjustment will be made and issues will be corrected and then she is ready for her "photo shoot".

    But yeah, here's picture of the head with the new wiring and the skull in the dark. I apologize as I found its very hard to get good pictures with a digital camera like mine.
  20. Re: Hellhound Sculpture

    Another quick update, I just got done removing some teeth and fixing the cracks that had formed in some teeth. Her head looks a little better now. Also talked with dad, tomorrow we're going to glue the skull in. I fixed the paw, but she still unstable, I'm hoping maybe glue the head on will counter the feet problems. Right now I have her lower jaw removed so that when I glue her head, its less weight. So if the time table works out, Friday the head will be glued on and Saturday afternoon I'll reattach her jaw and re-glue some stuff and she'll be done. Problem is my brother doesn't have time this week to come with me the the road where the actual hellhound of New Jersey has be spotted, so we can't do the photo shoot yet for her. So in the meantime, I'm going to maybe try to go for a better bone color around the antlers.

    So most you'll guys will see as complete pictures will be her out on the front yard, but I promise to add the Clinton Road picture to here when I get them done.