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Hellhound Sculpture- Completed

Discussion in 'Wildlife Artwork and Crafts' started by Knuxtiger4, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. AFWS

    AFWS The lost Robertson

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!


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  2. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Oh, like that unicorn. =) Though I thought I check high and low on dA for cool stuff like that.

    George, I understand what you mean, and I wasn't mad at you. I can see that my piece for example, could never be in a taxidermy show because it would be automatically disqualify. So I see where you are getting at that most of you guys spend weeks on animals that are meant for competitions and that don't break the rule, while I just did with mine. I also should have mentioned that I'm a art major, but minoring in education. I want to get my education certification so that I can teach K-6. Only thing is getting a art teacher job is slim as is so I'd probably end up as a First Grade Teacher until one is open, that's if everything clears up in NJ with this teacher stuff.

    It seems the chaos might have died down here, but still wary of posting the final pictures.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    You feel free to post your pictures. Terri said it pretty well. I've tried to find a picture of Sam Touchstone's "animal" but haven't had much luck. If someone has it, please post it and everyone will see that this "recreation" isn't as far fetched as Sam's rendition was - and it was done a L-O-N-G time ago. I know Wesley Touchstone still has it as I saw it a few years back at a competition exhibiting "classic" works.
  4. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Actually working on that right now. I'm trying hopelessly to collage them as one big picture. =)
  5. Allie

    Allie Active Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    With all of these posts and disagreements, maybe there should be a thread that attempts to clarify the difference between art and craft. There's one that'll rile a lot of you.

    There are many talented people on this forum and some that are excellent artists, but some are very good craftsmen and nothing else.

    I imagine that Knuxtiger4, like me, has learned tons from this site. If I ever finish a mount, I would want to post photos here- not only for a critique, but also as a thank you and acknowledgment as to the forum's value as an educational tool (besides it being a popular place for members to bash our President and fantasize about Sarah Palin).

    I find it funny that some members bash Knuxtiger4's efforts, when they could so easily just ignore it, and should. It is painfully obvious that there is a lot of interest here. And one person's taxidermy monstrosity, or even a whole bunch of them, is not going to ruin the industry's reputation. Give the kid a break, Jeez.
  6. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Thank you Allie, I agree with what you are saying.

    Oh and here's the complete collage:

    "She is a female hellhound which in my view are a dark brown color and smaller than the males of their species. Females do grow antlers, but have less points on them, making it easier to identify them. Males are much larger and black in color and have exposed flesh and more exposed bones on them and also have a large set of antlers on them. Lately a few have been spotted in the Morris County area, along Clinton Road where they have been spotted several times. Usually most people don't see them coming in for an attack until the glowing eyes are only feets away from the victim."

    And no, I'm not making a male one, unless someone is going to pay me a lot of money to make one. But there you guys go, critique away.
  7. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Nicely Done. And Well photographed.
  8. Allie

    Allie Active Member

    Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    She needs a mate!
  9. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Thank you PLT, that means a lot since I'm not that great with my photography. My brother, the two last pictures does a much better job, so its nice to here that. =) I still have to thank you for at least trying to help me when I was looking for the supplies for it.

    Lol, as much as I would like to do one, it would cost way too much, I estimate $700 to $900 to make one. Mirage was at least $350 to $400 or so.
  10. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    good job
  11. Re: Hellhound Sculpture- Nearly Complete!

    Nice Job Knuxtiger4! Very creative :)
  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Krysta, I gotta hand it to you. Not only was the recreation part of your vision, you built a history and a taxonomy to go with it.

    BTW, I've seen worse looking coyotes from "real taxidermists". LOL
  13. Believe me George, when I make up a creature for a project, I make sure that I do research when I make one so that it could possibly be a real animal. Most of the ones I have made are based off other animals for the real world, except this one because they are supernatural and sighting of them have been going on for ages.

    And I feel great to here that my coyote is at least ok for someone who did this for a first time.
  14. jasonb

    jasonb I think I'll keep her

    Please post up a whole animal that up mount up in a lifelike state, this may work great for a haloween decoration, but I would like to see what you can do for real.
  15. Right now I can't, unfornately. But I have been on the fence with making a display. Really one reason is because I'm running out of room in my room. My parents refuse to have any of my creatures leave my room. Plus that my pets find ways to knock them over too. But I'm not against the idea either. Maybe if I have time I'll sketch up some ideas on a display possible.
  16. Nice Job. I am glad I got to see the finished product.
  17. Silverose01

    Silverose01 Proud member of LTBBOI

    Yeah I'm not a fan of any creepy critters or stuff like that but I had been looking forward to seein how well this would turn out
    It looks great and id love to see you do a lifesize mount too :)
    Maybe try out mounting a opossum or coon since they are small
  18. I would actually like to give that a shot one day, but as of right now, I'm lucky I was able to do this one. My mother still think it is creepy and that this one did put a bit of pressure on the two of us. She's not big about the pelt once being alive thing. My dad thinks it is cool, he was laughing when I had the pelt on the walkway when I was going to mount it.

    If I was to do on, it would be small, like a coon or a mink or something of that size range.

    Oh and if anyone has suggestions on a display idea, I'd be more than welcome to look into it. I have been thinking on building a quick display since she isn't standing on my carpet and I do feel bad that she's leaning on an old tv right now.

    I was think maybe a dead look display with skull and bones bits, but that just me. Also if anyone can suggest stuff that my pets won't eat, because that is my main concern that the puppy might eat something from the display and get sick.
  19. My mother felt the same way when I started my taxidermy training. She said " I won't have dead things hanging on my walls." I finished two large crappies that I had personally caught at a fishing tournament. I brought them home when I finished, and she said that those would be OK to go into the living room. They have been there almost 20 years now and I ask a couple times a year if I can have them back.
    The answer is and will always be NO.
  20. That's funny. My mother has been saying that the photos I got were amazing and that to collage was put together well. I'm sure if for once I didn't make something creepy like the hellhound, maybe she let me display it in the house. I am allowed to put stuff in the rec room we have, but no one is ever up there and stuff collects dust up there. I refuse to put my bigger project up there for now.